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Top 5 Proofs Alan Grayson is a Crazy Person

Posted on October 15 2010 1:00 pm
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It's a bad sign when your own constituents create a website like this one.

It’s probably not politically correct to call someone with multiple mental disorders crazy.  But when talking about Alan Grayson I think it may be okay.  Anyone who has ever seen the Florida congressman on television inherently recognizes in mere seconds that they are observing a crazy person.  He’s the kind of guy you typically see walking down the street with a bewildered look and talking to himself – only Grayson wears a suit and pulls in $174k a year from tax payers.  You’d think he’d be sitting in a padded room and not the padded seats of the House of Representatives.

Grayson’s own constituents are starting to realize more and more they got themselves a livewire.  They’ve taken to creating a public service website to warn fellow Florida voters.  It’s domain name is a bit insensitive in a brutally honest sort of way:  Their stated goal is to defeat “Alan Grayson in 2010” and they hope to do that by revealing what an insane person their congressman is.

Now I’ve done a little research and discovered that Grayson might be suffering from at least five mental disorders.  While someone having one of these problems would not be classified as crazy – suffering from all five psychological issues at once clearly means Grayson is riding the crazy train.  I do have some expertise in psychology since I worked on a teaching degree in college with one of my teaching areas being psychology.  I mean, I’m sure taking four or five psych classes has to give me some credibility.  After all, I believe I got an A in abnormal psychology which makes this topic right up my ally.

(By the way, in case anyone wants to sue me – all claims of psychological problems are meant as satire).

Now let’s get to the list…

5. He is clearly a pathological liar.

Pathological lying (also known by the more fun name: pseudologi fantastica) is having an addiction to compulsive lying.  Pathological liars will make up their own truth if it helps them out.  Usually they know it is a lie, but the really deranged will actually convince themselves it is true.

Need proof Alan Grayson suffers from compulsive lying?  I give you his recent Taliban Dan ad.

Contessa Brewer: “Your ad was rated as false on PolitiFact…Why twist his words?”

Grayson: We didn’t twist his words…We can argue endlessly if it is context.”

You know that you’re not just twisting the truth but full on lying when MSNBC calls a Leftist to tell the truth.  This is the ad where Grayson claimed his opponent in November was saying the exact opposite of what he was actually saying in a speech.  It was so obvious that Grayson’s camp lied in the ad and Grayson just won’t admit it.

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