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U.N. Thugs Strike Again: Payback for Canada’s Support of Israel

Posted on October 14 2010 2:00 pm
Christine Williams is a 9-time international award-winning interviewer. She is Host and Producer of the Canadian National TV program “On the Front Line with Christine Williams” aired on CTS TV. She is also a Senior Advisor to the Hudson Institute in New York.

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The UN security council has levied a backhand on Canada for being principled, standing for democracy and freedom, refusing to be bullied by Islamists, and taking a stand against anti-Semitism. Kudos to Canada, but there is a disconcerting aspect to this:  Canada had no support from the Obama Administration, no support from its own Liberal leader–Michael Ignatieff– and its rejection could bear implications for the setting of global priorities and for the state of Israel:

U.S. State Department insiders say that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice not only didn’t campaign for Canada’s election but instructed American diplomats to not get involved in the weeks leading up to the heated contest. With no public American support, Canada lost its bid to serve. That gives the EU more than 25% control of the body and a strong voting block to ensure EU priorities become global priorities. — This was the second time a high profile ally could have used U.S. help yet Rice chose to stay silent.

Israel was left to defend itself against a full-out assault from the U.N. after it captured a flotilla aid ship headed to the Gaza Strip on May 31. Susan Rice never showed up for the marathon emergency U.N. meeting and left Israel without its most powerful friend. “It was a crucial moment for Israel and for the top American Ambassador to not even show up to the meeting where Israel was being attacked by hypocritical dictatorships was a powerful sign to others…

The UN has become polluted by a defunct heap of radical leftists, Islamofacists and Socialists, so it really shouldn’t be of dismay to anyone that Canada would be excluded, given the glowing leadership role it has demonstrated even at the price of global embarrassment in its rejection.

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