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NYC Trying to Destroy Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Freedoms

Posted on October 14 2010 12:00 pm
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NYC attempts to burn our Constitution one right at a time.

Organizations can have a lot pull when they pour money into political campaigns.  NARAL, an abortion advocacy group is using that sway to get the New York City council to consider a proposal that targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) that only provide alternatives to abortion.  Why does NARAL want to attack CPC?  Because they choose to truly aid women in need and not help anyone make money by killing babies.  And the city of New York is attempting to stop CPC from helping women by limiting their free speech.

Supposedly, CPC are being accused of  using false advertising about what they offer.  Let me give you NARAL’s example of a CPC ad:

“Free abortion alternatives.”

Wait a minute.  What does CPC offer?  Oh yeah, they offer free abortion alternatives.  I’m not sure how that is false advertising.  The other problems NARAL has with CPC is that they give accurate information that suggests potential negative effects of abortion.  And there you have it, the crime of CPC is that it takes money away from the massively profitable abortion mill industry.

The proposal would require CPC to add certain phrases to their signage and post NARAL supported signs in their offices about what the CPC would or would not offer women in need.  In other words, it would take away their freedom of speech to promote what they do.  Somehow New York City doesn’t see a problem with that and appears to be ready to obey NARAL.  NARAL wants to do whatever it takes to shut down CPC, though they won’t admit it.

“It’s not our intention to put these centers out of business.  Our intention is to simply say disclose who you are and let every woman who enters your door understand what your specific ideology is and then let the chips fall where they may.” – Kelli Conlin, president of NARAL

I’m fine with that request if NARAL would require all Planned Parenthood clinics to do the same truth in advertising.

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