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Maybe NOW Should Change Their Name To Then

Posted on October 11 2010 7:31 pm
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The National Organization for Women is seemingly on a crusade to make themselves as irrelevant and anti-woman as possible. As the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States, one would think the group would be representative of, I don’t know, women. But, like all of today’s femisogynists, they’re committed solely to furthering extreme left politics. A perfect example is their response to the Meg Whitman/Jerry Brown scandal.

For those unfamiliar with the scandal that’s been all over the news, an associate of Jerry Brown’s (possibly his wife) was recorded on an answering machine suggesting that they call Meg Whitman a whore. The audio was recorded after Brown had called the Los Angeles Police Protective League and left a message … and then forgot to hang up the phone. The resulting conversation has since become a media firestorm.

“Do we want to put an ad out? … That I have been warned if I crack down on pensions, I will be – that they’ll go to Whitman, and that’s where they’ll go because they know Whitman will give ‘em, will cut them a deal, but I won’t,” Brown said.

At that point, what appears to be a second voice interjects: “What about saying she’s a whore?”

“Well, I’m going to use that,” Brown responds. “It proves you’ve cut a secret deal to protect the pensions.”

The associate makes the comment, but Brown goes right along with it, saying “Well, I’m going to use that.” The Whitman campaign understandably slammed the Brown campaign for the audio, rightly calling it an appalling and unforgiving smear. The controversy has put Jerry Brown in hot water in California, although whether it’s because a Brown associate called Whitman a whore or because Brown couldn’t figure out how to hang up a telephone remains to be seen.

Of course, in typical femisogynist fashion, the femifascists have come out swinging … for Jerry Brown.

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