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The President to His Staff: “Situation Untenable, Cut Defense Spending”

Posted on October 6 2010 2:00 pm
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From the The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell newsletter of October 5th, 2010:

“Yesterday afternoon, President Barack Obama told his Economic Recovery Advisory Board: ‘I realize that we are facing an untenable fiscal situation. What I won’t do is cut back on investments like education.’ Meanwhile what our Commander in Chief is very willing to cut is defense. In Bob Woodard’s new book Obama’s War , the President is reported telling Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: ‘I am not spending a trillion dollars’ on war costs. And he told Vice President Joe Biden exactly why: ‘I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.’ “

Yes indeed, despite the Dems insistence on flinging massive amounts of taxpayer moola into the sinkhole of public education, there seems to be a negligible link between scholarly performance and funding largess.

As the article states:

“Since 1960, federal spending on education has tripled while test scores have remained flat.”

While in the real world, the world free from the ideological morass that is the signature creation of the Party of Carter,

“…our nation will only spend 4.9% of GDP on defense this year compared to a post-Word War II average of 6.5%.”

Nobody does a better job than Heritage in stating the real problem and then offering the necessary solution.


“An explosion in domestic spending, particularly from entitlement programs–Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid–is the true source of our nation’s ‘untenable fiscal situation,’ not defense.  Furthermore, our nation’s continued economic prosperity is entirely dependent on a peaceful world.”


“Sacrificing our nation’s defenses at the expense of the entitlement state will neither lower our deficits nor protect our citizens. It appears to be the policy of this White House that Washington should no longer be a leader in the world, but instead should be content with managing America’s decline in a ‘post-American’ world. This is not acceptable. Congress must better strengthen our nation by reforming entitlement spending while funding the people and platforms necessary for a balanced defense.”

Good as this advice is, it is more than likely falling on deaf ears over at Michelle’s latest remodel. ‘Tis alright. Maybe the fiddling is just too dang LOUD!

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