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7 Inane Quotes, Signs, And Public Relations Blunders From The One Nation Rally

Posted on October 6 2010 8:00 am
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Saturday’s One Nation Working Together rally was a progressive effort to energize their voter base in the month leading up to November’s elections. The sponsorship list reads like a who’s-who of the far Left in America: the NAACP, the Service Employee Inernational Union (SEIU), Sojourners, Code Pink, Planned Parenthood, and most famously, the Communist Party USA, to name just a few. The rally, promoted heavily by President Obama’s Organizing For America, brought out a lackluster crowd that was largely bussed in by union organizers.

Though the title of the rally was “One Nation Working Together” — SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry even said, “We are one nation, coming together,” — it was clear that the only members of the nation these people wanted to work with were those on the Left.

It’s hard to say what the One Nation rally was really supposed to be about. With the crazy quilt of sponsors, it was clear that there was a theme to the rally, but it was difficult to point to an agenda. One attendee of the rally said it was about “jobs, justice, and education” — not exactly a recipe for a cohesive agenda.

While some claimed the rally was a response to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, some had the audacity to claim that One Nation was planned long before Beck planned his (though Newsbusters could not find any proof). The NAACP claimed that the rally was a response to the Tea Party movement. The organization’s president, Ben Jealous, said that the rally was “not the alternative to the Tea Party; we’re the antidote to the Tea Party.”  (You stay classy, Ben.)

The day was chock full of cheap shots against the Right. Comedian Charlie Hill cracked, “If Sarah Palin had a bright idea, it’d be beginners’ luck.” (Feel free to keep reading after you’ve finished doubling over with laughter.) And the reliable Van Jones said that Republicans “don’t need hateful rhetoric. They need real solutions.” Of course, we know how the Left isn’t exactly short on hateful rhetoric and long on real solutions. It was pretty clear that the overriding theme of this rally was really “One Nation attacking the Right.”

It’s interesting to note that mainstream media coverage of the event was surprisingly scant. In doing my research, it was difficult to find quotes from the rally much larger than sound-bite sized ones without watching hours of agonizing video of the speakers. The most detailed and thoughtful coverage of One Nation has come from writers at blogs like News Real Blog and other outlets on the Right side of the political spectrum. It stands to reason that if the event were the glowing success that the Left wanted it to be, we’d never hear the end of it from the mainstream media.

The One Nation rally was full of telling quotes from the best and brightest of the Left, and the attendees of the rally carried some signs that say much about their mindset as well. Here are six inane quotes and signs from the rally, along with one embarrassing public relations gaffe that went along with the sponsorship of the rally. Enjoy.

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