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More Disturbing Images From the Left

Posted on October 6 2010 6:00 pm
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A few days ago the ‘eco-warrior’ group 10:10 made headlines with the video of  non-compliant schoolchildren getting blown up by their sweet-talking teacher. In my previous post I mentioned a production company out of Sydney, Australia exploiting innocent children for their clients’ politically correct causes.

Now ACT Responsible, Advertising Community Together, representing 27 countries and based in Switzerland, shows they are anything but ‘responsible.’  No surprise that the word appears in every other sentence on their homepage. In fact, if the progressives are pushing a particular word, you can bet their actions will be just the opposite. Here’s some background on the non-profit organization ‘responsible’ for the hanging child above:

The ACT initiative was launched after 9/11 by AdForum’ s employees, using the global reach of the website to gather the talent of the global advertising community to fight violence and terrorism (“Still Shining, New York”, 2001), to fight discrimination and promote tolerance (with IFRC, the International Red Cross, 2002), to illustrate how advertising can promote good causes (“Great Ads for good causes”, 2003) to contribute to raise awareness on social issues (“Ads that make us change”, 2004) get society informed of what sustainable development is and why it’s essential to our future (“Great ads for a better future” 2005, “Taking care of our future”, 2006) tell everyone there is a time to meet and a time to act (“Together for a Sustainable World. The Advertising Community Promise” 2007), call for change (“The Expo that changes you from inside” 2008.)

The ACT website has a video gallery of their most successful campaigns. In many the child’s image appears in a death-like pose or sexually suggestive. The socialist -loving, secular Europeans may get away with presenting a nude little girl with groping hands covering her body in an advertisement for a “good cause” but over half of Americans call themselves ‘conservative’ and 85% still believe in God.  This leftist, exploitative propaganda doesn’t sit well with the good people of the United States.

ACT Responsible represents hundreds of worldwide ‘save the planet’ organizations like Greenpeace. These are the same so-called liberals who rail against  capitalist corporations like Coca-Cola “using our children as billboards.”  But in their own commercials they have no qualms about tying a noose around the neck of a little girl to promote climate change.

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