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Has Anyone Noticed That Islamists Have Threatened Notre Dame Cathedral?

Posted on October 6 2010 9:00 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.
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Considering that the leftist media immediately jumped into a mad rush to defend the right of Muslims to build a mosque at Ground Zero, one would think that Islamic threats against the Catholic Cathedral at Notre Dame would be making headlines.

What threat could the Cathedral of Notre Dame possibly pose to Islamists? Where is the mad rush defending the right of Catholics to worship in peace? Why no outrage from so-called “moderate Muslims“?  Why no statement from Catholic leaders on Islamic targeting of Catholics?

The Cathedral at Notre Dame, the only religious target listed in the threat from Al Qaeda, is a prominent symbol of Catholicism. It is the most popular monument in all of France and stands second only, perhaps, to the Vatican in the hearts and minds of Catholics. Unlike the proposed Ground Zero mosque, the Cathedral has stood at Notre Dame for centuries. So why would the leftist media, which mercilessly and constantly painted opponents of the Ground Zero mosque as bigots, not cry out now in outrage over an Islamic threat to one of the greatest architectural symbols of Catholicism in the entire world?

If Islam were a religion of peace, we should now be hearing outrage not only through media sources but also from so-called moderate Muslims regarding all of the targets listed by Al Qaeda, but particularly in regard to the Islamic threat to the Cathedral at Notre Dame.

If Islam is not about blowing up Catholic cathedrals, Muslims are failing miserably in getting that message out to the public. But you see, Islam really is about blowing up Catholic cathedrals and any other “threat” to Muslim domination of the world.

Therein lies the problem.

Christians are a people who seek peace for all nations. Let us hope that reason will prevail, that the cathedral and all of the other targets of Al Qaeda will be spared from Islamist attack. Public calls for an end to all such violence from “moderate Muslims” and some honesty from the media about the true nature of Islam would certainly be in order here, but we’re not holding our breath.


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