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Progressive Ads Dead End Into Child Abuse

Posted on October 4 2010 7:00 pm
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Young progressive ad makers these days are pushing the envelope, for what? Promoting their PC ideologies? Their naivete factor keeps them from realizing they are eating their own.

By abusing children for their ads, they have crossed a credibility line over which they no longer have control.

The latest PSA from 10:10 Global, provides the smoking gun we’ve all known exists at the heart of the leftists’ do-gooder initiatives – hatred. Watch the video and witness the traumatization of the same children they purport to be the benefactors of their global projects.

Lizzie Gillett, campaign director for 10:10 Global, has this tidbit in her bio:

She was featured by Harpers Bazaar magazine as a “21st century heroine”, one of twenty “exceptional women changing the world for the better through the work they do” and by Vogue as one of the UK’s leading “female eco-warriors.”

Watch again the “work” that Lizzie does. Watch the cruel, surprise ‘terror’ attack on little children. Witness the teacher’s loving, sweet demeanor before she blows them up. Did Lizzie and her fellow ‘ends justify the means’ extremists forget the subway bombings in London 5 years ago? Or was she chomping at the bit to produce a shock ad against just such a background?

The social-engineering progressives have no qualms about inflicting psychological trauma on innocent children. Within the last year two child-centered ads from Australia have caused quite a stir here in the States.

One ad from Quit Victoria shows an abandoned child in a train station, crying and confused. The producers equated this with his parent dying of a smoking-related illness; the most recent from Precinct Studios depicts a mother sitting down at the dinner table. She ‘sets’ the table with a needle, a spoon and then proceeds to cook up heroin, tying a tourniquet on her son’s upper arm; at the last minute we see the little boy eating a hamburger. Henry Motteram, managing director, says he wants to “get people talking about the topic” [obesity].

Quit Victoria’s  anti-smoking PSA was picked up by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene despite its obvious, purposeful cruelty towards the little victim.

When the leftists’ interests are this entrenched in the political system, the perpetrators are bound to go too far and show their true colors. Behind all of their humanistic, social justice rhetoric are posturing, hateful radicals who will abuse children in pursuit of their money-making bogus causes.

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