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Angry That Radical Astroturf Rally Was A Flop, Leftist Thug Assaults Conservative Reporter

Posted on October 4 2010 9:00 am
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With few exceptions, all political violence in the U.S. today comes from the Left, whether it’s SEIU thugs, a crazed gunman at the Holocaust Museum, a pilot flying his plane into an IRS office, ACORN, or eco-terrorists. The Right, while sometimes loud and a bit rowdy, is almost always peaceful when participating in the political process. Lefties beat up people who don’t agree with them; right-wingers tend to yell at the other side but stop short of initiating physical violence.

Human Events reporter Emily Miller learned this the hard way Saturday in Washington, D.C. when an irate as yet unidentified woman slapped her around for doing nothing more than taking video footage of the hate-filled “One Nation Working Together” rally intended as a counterpoint to Glenn Beck’s hugely successful “8/28” rally at the Lincoln Memorial a few weeks ago. The woman can be seen in the video swearing repeatedly at Miller for no apparent reason.

Although Miller had a constitutionally protected right to record the public rally the deranged woman demanded she stopped filming her. All she had to do to stop being filmed was to get out of the way of the camera. It’s not clear if the woman has been charged by police.

As Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters reports, the rally itself was an orgy of hatred. Communist Hugo Chavez‘s unofficial ambassador to the U.S. Harry Belafonte denounced the Tea Party movement as “evil.” Radical radio ranter Ed Schultz told the few people who showed up that “conservative voices” don’t believe in freedom and “suppress your vote.” Conservatives “want discrimination” and are “the forces of evil.”

Very few people showed up at their rally on their own and the turnout itself was not impressive. (Photos comparing the rally to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally are available at American Power blog.) It appears most were bussed in by special interest groups or paid by labor unions to show up. Even the leftists at acknowledge the rally had pathetic attendance.

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