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The 10 Most Common Elitist Denials That The American People Rejected Obama’s Policies

Posted on October 2 2010 8:00 am

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8. We’re Called ‘The Man’ When the UAW Wants to Play at Management

It used to be, Americans were considered savvy by tucking their retirement funds into corporations. And what better company than into an American giant with a long, distinguished history. At least until Obama took it over. General Motors came to be known as Government Motors and the shareholders—many retirees dependent on dividends were thrown under the, er, bus, so the unions (the victims) could rob the piggy bank and subjugate the evil Management.

Apparently Obama didn’t realize there’s already a failsafe for floundering companies. It’s called bankruptcy, which would’ve been the answer for GM to come out stronger on the other side.

Despite Obama’s denials that he had no interest in running a car company, he certainly took it over with alacrity. He does that a lot—takes things over with alacrity.

I don’t remember hearing that as part of his campaign platform. If it was, perhaps he would not have been elected, because Americans frown on this sort of Marxist behavior. Karl Marx—now there’s an elitist.

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