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Anderson Cooper and Radical Gay Rights Groups Rush To Exploit Tragic Teen Suicide

Posted on October 1 2010 12:00 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.
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As questions abound about why Asher Brown, a 13-year-old public school student in Houston, might have taken his own life, CNN‘s Anderson Cooper and the radical gay lobby have both rushed in to capitalize on one of the boy’s grieving parents’ many claims, that the cause of his death is bullying by students because he was gay. Key points of information are being ignored in the mad rush to point to anti-gay bullying and to the school’s alleged failure to address it. State legislators’ phones are already lighting up as the radical gay lobby uses Asher Brown to petition for legislation not to combat “all bullying” but specifically “anti-gay bullying” in schools. What madness is it that prompts the Left to become as vultures amid such tragedy? I have pointed questions about the facts that are being ignored.

When one looks objectively at all the facts and claims being reported in regard to this tragedy, it seems clear that the Left is overreacting on a profound level to possibilities, not known realities, in order to advance an agenda. Even as the boy’s parents claim, both in local news reports and in their interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Brown was bullied because of various reasons, including his clothes, his religion and his sexual preference, it is the claim of anti-gay bullying that is being touted as fact and the sole reason for his death. Here are some questions for those who are clearly rushing to judgment only to advance a political agenda.

Why is no one questioning the stepfather?

He shot himself in his stepfather’s upstairs bedroom closet[…]

[…]Brown had told his stepfather on the morning of his death that he was gay, but the conversation’s tone was positive, [the stepfather] said.

He had just told his stepfather that he is gay and then his dead body is found by his stepfather in his stepfather’s closet, but no one questions that this is a suicide? No one questions whether the stepfather’s reaction to his son’s ‘coming out’ might have had something to do with this supposed suicide?

Why is no one making an issue of the gun?

He shot himself in his stepfather’s upstairs bedroom closet using a 9 mm Beretta that had been kept on a shelf there.

Why does any parent keep a 9mm Beretta on a shelf, particularly if they have such worries that their son is being brutalized at school?

Why did the parents send him to school if they thought he was being brutalized?

The bullying began two years ago, as soon as Brown’s family moved into the Cy-Fair school district’s jurisdiction, they said.

Truong said again Thursday that he and his wife, Amy, made many attempts to get school officials to do something about the bullying, but allege nothing was done. Truong said he was rebuffed on a half-dozen occasions when he tried to visit coaches at the school, while Amy Truong said school officials never returned many of her phone calls.

With all due respect, as a homeschooling mom who teaches my youngest child at home for far less pressing reasons than this, I’m appalled that any parent would knowingly and willingly send his child into the environment Asher Brown’s parents describe. No one is forced to send their children to school. All parents have a right to home school their children, including parents in Texas where this tragedy occured. No parent should ever send his child into an unsafe environment under any circumstances.

School officials are saying that the parents’ claim that they reported the bullying is false. They say they have no record of this and the parents have shown no proof that their claims of consistently complaining to school officials by email and otherwise are true.

Perhaps this young man was bullied at school because he was gay and was so distraught that he committed suicide. Perhaps the school failed in preventing some, or even all, of the bullying, but given the failures of the parents, it’s clear that the blame game against the school is being overplayed by gay lobby groups in an extreme manner for no other reason than to politicize a tragic death in order to advance an agenda. It goes to show just how ruthless these vultures are.


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