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The President Needs a Break and So Do the American People

Posted on October 1 2010 1:30 pm
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Speaking at a $30,400 per person Democratic fundraiser on Thursday, President Obama joked that he would love another vacation, preferably in Italy at the villa of his millionaire hosts, Linda Douglass and husband John Phillips.

I’d appreciate a little break and some Tuscan sun.

Within hours of that statement, the blank screen headed to Constitution Hall and told the 3,000 hip-hop fans to be “patient, it took time to free the slaves.”

From schmoozing with wealthy, land-owning white people to evoking the horrors of slavery without missing a beat; Barack Obama’s varied social, racial and ideological background allows him to move seamlessly from one group to another, blissfully unaware of the obvious conflict.

How else to explain his detached nonchalance about glibly referring to another vacation when the blogosphere has been pummeling him and the Mrs. for the last three months? Obama has to know his words will be broadcast and printed while he’s still saying them.

Perhaps, the divided man, Barack Obama, does need to visit Tuscany with the family. And while he’s at it, he should take the whole administration, the czars, the non-vetted socialists like Donald Berwick, Elizabeth Warren and his base with him.

When he returns, after January, 2011, maybe the newly elected representatives will have begun hearings into repealing Obamacare, and investigating Holder’s DOJ, the stimulus slush funds, the illegal lawsuit against Arizona, the 2008 voter fraud in Texas, SEIU, the moratorum on offshore drilling in the Gulf , the GM takeover, John Holdren, Timothy Geithner, Cass Sunstein and the hiring of 32 czars, bypassing the Congress and the Senate.

The American people need a long break from the progressive Obama agenda, so go, Mr. President, with our blessing.

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