Nichole Hungerford

The Finest “Grassroots” Rally Money Can Buy

Posted on October 1 2010 8:07 pm
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Submit to the collective. Resistance is futile.

Facing a tough election season? Not to worry. There’s a left-wing billionaire for that. Several, in fact.

Washington D.C. is bracing for a moonbat invasion. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 2nd, progressive groups of all stripes will converge in the nation’s capital for the One Nation Working Together (ONWT) march. As with every other leftist rally, expect the usual barrage of disgusting signs and obscene vitriol, which typically — if inexplicably — go unnoticed in most media reportage.

But what exactly is “One Nation Working Together”? Just a spontaneous outgrowth of leftist voter enthusiasm? Hardly. ONWT is a “project” of the Tides Center. The same Tides Center which receives millions of dollars from George Soros’ Open Society Institute and which was also, until very recently, headed by ACORN bailout-man Drummond Pike. The Tides Center is a branch of the Tides Foundation which, like the Open Society Institute, receives donations for left-wing causes (often the most pernicious) from wealthy donors who then take a tax-deduction. Disclosure of donors is not required, so it is difficult to determine whose money goes to what.

The Tides Center itself has certain functions. It serves as a “fiscal sponsor” for projects it deems worthy of supporting. These “projects” have a sort of quasi-organizational status. They are not independent organizations; they are a part of the Tides Center. They also have 501c(3) status, meaning they are considered nonprofit entities. All liability, however, goes back to the Tides Center.

ONWT is one of these projects. It seems safe to assume that Tides is footing the bill for the project — which includes such absurd extravagances as a “blogmobile,” i.e. bloggers they bought an RV and wireless cards for, and are probably paying them some kind of stipend as well. Oh, and of course all of their travel expenses. Word is, all the bloggers are very distraught that the RV cannot be fueled by Luna Bars and hemp. I also suspect Tides is paying for ONWT’s enormous staff, which is replete with radical activists. Foremost among them, is black liberation activists/sympathizers Leah Daughtry, Rosalyn Pelles, and Michael McPhearson. Heather Booth, the wife of SDS/the Weather Underground co-founder Paul Booth, who has herself an impressive history in the highest echelons of the Left, is a “senior advisor” for the project.

Virtually every far-left organization under the sun has endorsed the event and will likely be in attendance — including the communists and socialists, of course. Most unions as well. Please view the list of all the notable endorsing organizations, complete with the must-know information about them, at Discover the Networks.

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