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Liberal Director Courageously Takes on Big Education

Posted on October 1 2010 11:00 am

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A new documentary called Waiting for ‘Superman takes on the nation’s teachers’ unions who refuse to give even a little in order to improve public education. According to John Nolte the film is so moving it might “help to restore a little of your faith in humanity.”

What’s fascinating to me is the fact that the flick is directed by Davis Guggenheim, the same man who inflicted Al Gore‘s propaganda movie An Inconvenient Truth on humanity. He’s an “acknowledged pro-union liberal,” Nolte writes, yet he takes on “the most powerful, and in my opinion destructive, special interest group in America: the national teachers union.” The film apparently points out that public school teachers are next to impossible to fire and this makes them unaccountable. Bad teachers go on year, after year, after year wrecking the chances of their students to make it to college.

Nolte salutes Guggenheim (pictured above) for going against the groupthink on the Left:

Whatever his personal beliefs were as he began the process of documenting the fate of five children whose very futures rest on the less-than 10% chance of being accepted into a charter school, in the end Guggenheim risks the grave sin of apostasy as he courageously bucks the left-wing narrative to present a heartbreaking and damning exposé of the American public school system.

Had the exact same film been brought forth by a right-winger it would have had zero chance of creating any kind of national debate, much less change. But coming with Guggenheim’s clout and left-wing bona fides, there’s a chance his noble effort could spread a Road to Damascus virus among those who have for too long turned a blind eye towards an indefensibly immoral system propped up at the expense of children. Armed with facts and actual inconvenient truths, “Superman” deconstructs every lie told by politicians, union officials and bad teachers in defense of a status quo that destroys as many, if not more lives than drugs or gangs.

I haven’t seen “Waiting for Superman” but it seems very similar to The Lottery, another documentary that explores charter schools and the challenges they face. This film (which I have seen) provides an excellent overview of the entrenched interests that would rather perish than allow unions’ death grip over public education to be loosened.

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