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Should Christine O’Donnell Be Talking So Much About God?

Posted on September 30 2010 1:00 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.
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When the Journolist scandal broke, the leftist media’s behind-the-scenes communications about Sarah Palin revealed an anti-Christian sentiment. Now, as two stories about faith, one from President Obama and one from Christine O’Donnell, hit the headlines at roughly the same time but with very different perspectives, we take note of a clear example of anti-Christian attitudes being directed against only one side — the Right. The disparity in reporting involved in these two similar stories gives us a rare glimpse into media facilitation of the agenda of the Religious Left, to educate America that God is good and relevant when referenced by the Left, but scary or irrelevant when referenced by the Right.

From Newsweek to MSNBC, across the leftist mediasphere, Obama‘s Christian faith has long been universally regarded as an important aspect in his (their?) quest to endear himself to the American people and lay to rest any and all concerns that he might not be Christian. This week, when he revealed his profession of faith in the Cross of Jesus Christ, it was a Hallmark moment for The New York Times. At Huffington Post, readers were reminded that some “wrongly believe Obama is a Muslim” even as their pages continue to spew forth concerns that O’Donnell “dabbled” in witchcraft.

At Politico, O’Donnell’s profession of faith was portrayed as yet another stumble in a series of mistakes while Obama’s belief in the grace of the Cross was reported quite differently. Politico’s Andy Barr not only shared Obama’s quotes but offered an added bonus in assuring us that the president is quite saturated with Christianity in the Oval Office. He reminds readers that any doubts whatsoever about Obama‘s Christianity are based on “misinformation” that is rightly “quashed”.

The White House has repeatedly tried to quash the misinformation and establish – once and for all – that Obama is a Christian, pointing out that he receives daily scripture-based devotionals and meets regularly with spiritual advisors.

The lesson we learn here is clear. God is scary or irrelevant when cited by a conservative, but endearing and important when cited by the Left.

Conservative Christian candidates would do well to take note of a brutal reality. Anti-Christian sentiment will be coming your way from the media if you share more than the most basic specifics about your religious beliefs. If you think you might get fair treatment while you’re going on about God’s work in your life, you would do well to spend less time talking about specifics and more time on your knees praying for wisdom. While you’re down there, it couldn’t hurt to put in a good word for a more just media culture to break through in America.


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