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Will the front-line guardians of our liberty be sent to the back of the line on Election Day?

Posted on September 29 2010 11:00 am

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Kudos to Congress for passing the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) to remedy whatever apathetic sloppiness forced 17,000 military voters to step aside for identity thieves, felons, and illegal aliens in the 2008 election – to the eternal gratitude, I’m sure, of Senator Al Franken of Minnesota.

However, the jury is out until after Election Day about what kind of legislation MOVE actually is. Is it a tough federal law designed to protect the rights of those who guard our freedom? Or is it just more photogenic fluff designed to jazz up campaign websites and paste gold stars into voting records just before joining PAYGO in enforcement-immune, loophole limbo?

We won’t know until after the election, but after hearing that the administration has told five states that prioritizing the military ballots is no big deal, I can see how doubt might creep in. That’s not to say that those waiver states won’t make adequate arrangements for the troops, and some may have already mailed the ballots by now. Nevertheless, any engaged citizen who happens to spend a lot of time dodging bullets in a far-flung desert should be concerned, because all indications are that MOVE is motivating its would-be enforcers in Washington about as well as a bourbon and Ambien cocktail.

Deroy Murdock believes that the Obama administration has kept the law essentially toothless, proving themselves “somewhere between drowsy and counterproductive” in beefing up mandated deadlines to ensure that overseas military voters are not once again pushed aside. This is worthy of scrutiny because everyone knows that greater illegal alien and felon votes, and fewer military votes equal Democrat victories.

Since military voters likelier support Republican candidates and causes, perhaps President Obama’s Justice Department just isn’t that into defending the voting rights of overseas combatants.

America’s uniformed men and women dodge — and sometimes absorb — bullets so that the rest of us peacefully can debate about taxes and mosques. They should expect to choose the leaders who might deploy them into combat — or suddenly call them home

Can you imagine dedicating your life and risking death or grievous injury to ensure the vote for Afghani and Iraqi citizens, not knowing for certain whether those reclining with their families back in bomb-free, air-conditioned U.S.A. will at long-last bestir themselves to do the same for you?

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