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The One Freedom Big Government Progressives Won’t Touch

Posted on September 29 2010 6:00 pm
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No one ever pretended that leftists use a right and wrong kind of logic. So it stands to reason that they would craft a system that legalizes the killing of unborn babies under the banner of individual rights.

While in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 28, Barack Obama reiterated the Clinton era talking point when asked about his position on abortion:

…abortion should be safe, legal and rare…I think the families and the women
involved are the ones who should make the decisions, not the government.

How odd. The ubiquitous long arms of the nanny state refuse to protect the most vulnerable, voiceless and innocent of all victims-the tiny, unseen ones waiting to be born.

The same activists who are gung-ho about global warming, environmental pollutants and animal rights, the same women who lobbied for federal laws protecting their gender against violence and discrimination, and now the current administration who is strong-arming the food industry into complying with government regulations, all in the name of children, are curiously, strictly laissez -faire about babes in the womb.

President Obama’s follow-up remark not only plays to the questioner’s ignorance regarding his anti-life voting record in the Illinois State Senate, it’s frighteningly detached and callous:

…there are a whole host of laws on the books, that after a certain period
the interests shift so that you can have some restrictions, for example, on late
term abortions, and appropriately so.

The word ‘rare’, in the face of 52 million dead unborn since 1973,  stands as the epitome of the evil, verbal trickery that the progressives continue to use. And if that isn’t egregious enough,he reduces  human gestation to “after a certain period the interests shift.” Whose interest? The mother’s, the court’s, the baby’s, the feminist’s?

This PR technique  coupled with the subversion of an American principle like the individual’s right to liberty placed right  alongside the unborn baby’s right to life shows exactly the kind of malevolence we are dealing with.

We’re free to choose when it comes to the destruction of human life but not when it comes to eating a cheeseburger.

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