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The Left’s Bag Man, Drummond Pike, Abruptly Quits Tides Foundation

Posted on September 29 2010 4:00 pm
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The money man behind some of America’s most radical, destructive leftist groups has abruptly quit the funding entity he created. Sixties radical Drummond Pike founded the shadowy Tides Foundation which is suspected of being a major funding conduit for the nation’s preeminent funder of radical causes, George Soros. (Pike is at the right in the above photo. At left is ACORN founder Wade Rathke. Staring down at them in ACORN’s Peru office is a poster of ACORN’s twin inspirations, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.)

One of the group Tides funded was the notorious ACORN, which continues to exist. It remains unclear if Congress will extend the ACORN funding ban that expires at the end of the federal fiscal year tomorrow. The continuing resolution that would keep the government funded is expected to be attached to another piece of legislation, HR 3081, but the wording of the resolution is not yet available.

The Tides Foundation is a pass-through entity. Wealthy left-wingers give the charity money, take the tax deduction, and then tell Tides which causes to give their money to. The money is then given in the name of Tides and the real donor’s name is withheld. This level of secrecy has prompted critics of Tides to call it a money-laundering operation.

Pike has said that keeping the identity of Tides donors secret is very important. It’s so important that Pike paid around $700,000 out of his pocket to cover money that ACORN founder Wade Rathke‘s brother embezzled from ACORN. Pike gave the payment in the hope of stemming an investigation that might reveal the names of his secret donors.

Pike is also treasurer of the Soros-led billionaires’ funding clearinghouse known as the Democracy Alliance. The group is dedicated to fund long-term left-wing political infrastructure including think tanks, advocacy groups, and media outlets.

Pike’s replacement is Melissa Bradley. Her bio at Huffington Post suggests she is cut from the same radical cloth as Pike. She worked as an Open Society Institute Soros Justice Fellow. She also worked at Van Jones’s Green for All, which embraces the myth that America could have a “green” economy without being transformed into a Third World country.

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