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Louis Farrakhan – My Dinner with Mahmoud

Posted on September 28 2010 4:00 pm

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Just sitting here reading the NY Post account of my “secret” dinner with Ahmadinejad. Wow, great logistics, thanks. If this had been any more secret they could have printed details of the menu (or a picture of Mahmoud doing the “see-food” gag for about the hundredth time), but I guess I should have known better than to let you talk me into this in the first place. You whose last attempt at “subtle and covert” resulted in a car chase right out of the Keystone cops — involving only the entire White House press corps — that was picked up by every 50 Watt news outlet in the Western Hemisphere. You whose best excuse when they caught up with your sorry derriere was that you were at your “daughter’s soccer game,” a story right up there with “honest honey she was just a nudist who came in to use the phone.” This is who I trusted to get me in and out of a meeting with this psycho unseen.

But never mind, what’s done is done. I’ll just put it on your tab.

As to the dinner itself let me give away the ending first. Please advise your people, the ones who keep telling you that Ahmadinejad is “misunderstood” that there’s not a whole lot there to misunderstand. When he talks about the Jews as “pigs and monkeys” (which I obviously don’t disagree with, but do we really need to put it up in neon letters?) who need to be pushed into the sea that’s pretty much what he means. There’s not a whole lot of room in his thinking for metaphor. He didn’t seem that receptive to your idea of pushing them sort of half way into the sea by imploding their borders, even when I suggested we could always figure out the other half later. It’s all “now now now” with this guy.

Ditto the nuclear thing. He seems genuinely appreciative of your initiatives to reduce the US nuclear stockpile – a policy he hopes you will extend to all those unnecessary ships and planes we’ve been “hoarding over the years” – but maintains his nuclear program is entirely peaceful. Okay, he then chuckled a lot and expectorated half a lamb kebab across the table, but I just chalked that up to nerves.

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