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The Unknown Mr. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg of “The Social Network”

Posted on September 27 2010 9:00 am

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Who really is Mark Zuckerberg? We all know him as the 26 year old billionaire who co-founded Facebook with a bunch of his college buddies before he dropped out of Harvard. But have you ever wondered where Zuckerberg stands politically? Zuckerberg, originally from White Plains, New York was born to Jewish parents who invested a lot of time and effort in order to make their son who he is today. In college, Zuckerberg belonged to a Jewish fraternity by the name of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Growing up Jewish and then participating in a Jewish fraternity would make any person think that Mark respects and honors the Jewish religion. However, this is not true. Zuckerberg now calls himself an atheist and refuses to comment on deleting Israel hate groups triggered towards the elimination of the Jewish people. According to the Jewish Internet Defense Force,

Abdulkarim Tohmaz, the creator and admin of the Eliminate Israel From Being Facebook group, recently sent out a message to nearly 5,000 people, praising a terrorist attack in Israel. The JIDF urged thousands of people complain to complain to Facebook. Facebook did nothing. The JIDF then seized control of the group and deleted nearly all its members. Despite all our effort and despite the fact that he is abusing Facebook and the internet to promote hatred, terrorism and genocide, Facebook re-enabled Abdulkarim Tohmaz‘s account, thereby giving him back his hate group. What gives, Mr. Zuckerberg? Do you hate Israel and yourself that much that you see fit to allow this propaganda on Facebook’s American servers despite that it is against your own companies rules?

Even though Zuckerberg has never pronounced a statement admitting his hatred for Israel, his actions speak louder than words through his billion dollar social networking site. The irony is that Jewish groups who call for an end to hatred are the ones being penalized of their rights by the Facebook administration. George Lasker, a law school student, has been fed up with Facebook for a long time because of the site’s believed bias against Israel. In a letter being addressed to Pamela Geller, the creator of  the blog “Atlas Shrugs” and co-founder of Stop Islamization of America, George Lasker writes:

I am contacting you so that maybe you can bring some attention to an issue of censorship practiced by Facebook. In particular the Facebook staff has deleted my accounts several times for creating/participating in groups critical of Islam. One such group that created a huge stir was “F*** Islam” – prompting a wave of Muslim threats and counter groups threatening not only the safety of Facebook staff, but threatening to leave Facebook altogether. In response to these threats, Facebook deleted the group, and my administrator account. Their pretext was that the name was so bitterly offensive, it could not possibly have been created in accordance with Facebook’s terms of use. As for deleting my account, no explanation was given. I created another group, entitled “The Society for the Eradication of Islam” – with a clear explanation that the goal was to counter the Islamic ideology, not to harass Muslims. This group was deleted after less than a week and 6 members, along with my other account. The irony is that groups such as “F*** Christianity” and “F*** Judaism” are still up and running with no complaint and no warnings issued whatsoever.

Mark Zuckerberg, a pro-Islam, pro-Palestine, self-hating Jew? I am not the first or the last to make these accusations based on his past actions and  records of being antisemitic towards his own people. Another question we ask based on Mark Zuckerberg’s records is where he stands politically and is Facebook biased towards promoting the left. Well, by doing some research, I did not find any left activists expressing their outrage about being deleted from Facebook for exposing the right side. However, with conservatives that is not the case. Just recently, a friend of mine, Jane Jamison was deleted after posting a video of Code Pinkers fundraising for California gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Brown. This obviously started a controversy with the Code Pink organization, since according to their non-profit guidelines they are not allowed to be endorsing a candidate. Not to mention, the Code Pink organization is also very anti-Israel and pro-Palestine. Jamison explains on August 23, 2010 after being deleted off of Facebook:

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