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So, Kos, If We’re The Taliban, Why Aren’t You Kissing Our Behinds?

Posted on September 27 2010 7:51 pm
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Most of the time, liberals don’t believe the BS that comes out of their mouths. Take Kos, for example, who’s such a pretentious creep that I’m told even other liberal bloggers can’t stand him.

He’s got out a new book called, American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right. It’s at only #1,430 on Amazon, which is pretty awful given the size of his audience. It just proves what I’ve said about him all along: He’s great at building a community and fantastic at promotion and organization, but he’s not much of a political thinker or a talented writer.

Anyway, while Kos was out there promoting his book, he had this to say about conservatives,

MARKOS MOULITSAS (32:48): Right now there is a six month backlog on ammunition in this country. People trying to buy bullets cannot buy bullets because they’ve been hoarding these guns. These aren’t people who aren’t people who are hoarding guns and ammo because they way to participate in a peaceful Democratic process.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Well you’ve got candidates like Sharron Angles saying second amendment remedies.

MOULITSAS: Right, when you have key top level Republicans saying that sort of thing, you have a movement that really rejects democracy as a tool and are willing to resort to violence and they haven’t yet. They started to resorting to violence after Obama was elected, cause having an African American with the middle name Hussein sort of blew their minds. But, the Tea Party movement sort of allowed them to channel their energies into something a little more healthy than shooting people.

Continue reading at Right Wing News.

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