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The Top 10 Ways Conservatives See Obama – And the 1 That’s Most Accurate

Posted on September 27 2010 8:00 am
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6. The Non-Genius

NRB‘s Dr. John Drew — who actually knew Obama when they were both college Marxistspublished a post back in March that has always stuck with me. In “Glorious Leader Gap: President Barack Obama – Not So Bright for a Harvard Law Grad,” John lays out six points for why Obama should not be regarded as the genius his supporters often want to cast him as:

If you see Obama as a non-genius, however, you become more sensitive to a different storyline, a storyline that makes more sense given President Obama’s actual history.  To be a little blunt, assuming that Obama is not so bright helps explain a lot of mysterious stuff that makes no sense if he were truly a genius including:

1. Obama’s over-dependence on his teleprompter.

2. Obama’s boring performances in his now discontinued press conferences.

3. Obama’s indecisiveness and general slowness in figuring out how to respond to his commanders’ requests for additional troops in Afghanistan.

4. Obama’s try and fail approach to winning the Olympic Games for Chicago, his useless trip to China, and his fruitless visit to Copenhagen on behalf of the cause of anthropomorphic global warming.

5. Obama’s unwillingness to contribute an article to the Harvard Law Review while he served as its first African-American president.

6. Obama’s reluctance to compete for a tenure track job at the University of Chicago Law School and the fact that he never submitted articles to peer-reviewed law journals.

In spite of these shortcomings, though, Obama does seem to think quite highly of himself…

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