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The Top 10 Ways Conservatives See Obama – And the 1 That’s Most Accurate

Posted on September 27 2010 8:00 am
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1. The Nihilist

When you stare into the void it stares back at you. Why are there so many readings of who Barack Obama is, how to understand him, and what he’s actually about? Simple: because when you come down to it, there is nothing there.

(Bosch Fawstin discussed Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s analysis of Obama the nihilist here.)

When you dig deep enough into the Left and its agendas you’re eventually going to come to the conclusion that with the collapse of the USSR there really isn’t a model any more for how we’re to change America. Sure, some will point to socialist Europe but that’s hardly a coherent vision given the vast number of states. And, of course, with the accumulated debts of welfare-addicted countries finally coming due this is no longer the easy sell it once was.

So what the Left must resort to is focusing their mission on destructive ends: the current system must be dismantled and obliterated. What will go in to replace it? Good question. Leftists don’t have very concrete answers, just vague dreams of “social justice.”

And it’s up to us to articulate a more powerful dream which we can actually achieve.

There’s nothing wrong with hoping for a better world and wanting to change things for the better. We just have to explain boldly how this can be done without inflating the size of government, bowing before Islamist tyrants, and crippling our grandchildren with our debts. The first option for fixing the world doesn’t need to be the federal government. It’s that simple.

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