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Velma Hart: Middle Class Mom or Leftist Sympathizer?

Posted on September 25 2010 8:00 pm
A concerned American citizen who found her voice before the 2008 election when she undertook the task of debating with progressives about the impending doom of an Obama presidency. Ann has a Masters in Religious Education, and uses blogging as a way to uncover the lies of the Left.
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Classic bait and switch: Choose an Obama sympathizer from the crowd, have her ask a “tough” question of the president, then have her say the exact opposite once she’s on all the major news shows.

Velma Hart, Chief Financial Officer of AMVETS, a veterans service organization, who called herself “middle class,” told the president during a town hall meeting she was “exhausted” trying to defend him against naysayers.

Days later, however, in a Fox News interview with Bill Hemmer, Hart, who no longer appeared exhausted, praised Obama.

All I know is I had an opportunity to speak to a man that I truly admire, that I believe can help us all move forward.

The White House couldn’t have planned the series of events any better. They even managed to reel in some of the big guys. Bill O’Reilly bought the story the way it played out. He called Hart a “Citizen Journalist” who asked the tough questions. He said,

She is beginning to doubt that the hope and change Obama promised are attainable.

I think Bill should have checked her follow-up interviews before he made that assumption.

Back in 2004, Hart was quoted talking about “diversity” in a newsletter for Association Management. Diversity is a code word of the Left for forced acceptance by an organization of persons of varying physical and spiritual characteristics, who may or may not be qualified for the job he or she seeks.

She said:

Diversity is not just a word or a person or a value. It is the juice that infuses words, people, and values to propel an organization to greatness.

Peter Wood, author of Diversity: The Invention of a Concept, wrote that in 2004 American companies were spending $400 to $600 million on “diversity” consultants—quite a haul for those looking to cash in on an industry which has nothing to show for itself outside of lining its own pockets–sounds like ACORN.

So, Velma Hart and her tough question put to Obama the other day was simply a blip on the election cycle radar, but the deeper implications point to a woman who moves in leftist circles. The White House used the diversity expert by giving her a forum to make it look like she was turning against her man, and then waited for the payout of Hart stumping for Obama.

In the grand scheme of things, the Hart affair proves how weakened the Left has become. In trying to hold onto power they are throwing everything at the wall hoping something will stick, but they’re losing big time. Fawning sympathizer Velma Hart barely made a mark.

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