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King of Jordan on The Daily Show: War By Year’s End if Israel Restarts Settlement Construction

Posted on September 25 2010 9:00 am
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For some reason, in his bid to influence American opinion, King Abdullah II of Jordan decided the place to go was “The Daily Show.”  I’d love to know how that decision was made.

The main purpose of Abdullah’s appearance appears to be to try to persuade Americans that peace is possible—if Israel doesn’t continue settlement construction in the West Bank after September 30, in which case there will be war by the end of the year, and more wars in the years to come that will involve American bloodshed.

Abdullah tried to make the argument that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would relegate Al-Qaeda to a domestic terrorist group and would undermine Iran’s designs in the region. Yeah, right. Even Jon Stewart didn’t buy that one, initially at least. He seemed to warm up to the idea later on but he might have just been trying to be polite.

Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah have veto power over the negotiations and will use it to prevent any type of settlement. Abdullah seems to be arguing that we can’t let the terrorist proxies prevent a peace agreement, but any agreement has to give Israel security. And Israel doesn’t have security if its people are being bombed. This seems like a pretty obvious concept to me.

Perhaps it’s because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been so central to the Arab mind for so long that it’s hard for leaders like Abdullah to view it as a subset of a newer, greater conflict. For as long as the Arabs can remember, everything was a subset of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a subset of the overall struggle between radical Islam and Israel, and more specifically, Iran and the regime’s proxies and Israel. That’s a hard adjustment but it’s one that has to be made.

Watch the interview below and decide for yourself if King Abdullah gets it. The optimist in me hopes he gets it but just isn’t ready to make a tough statement that the road to peace in Jerusalem goes through Tehran.

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