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SEIU Operative Discusses Dirty Tricks Campaign – Oops That Flower Was a Microphone

Posted on September 22 2010 6:00 pm
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Y’know, it’s not that I object to your being a bastard, don’t get me wrong there. It’s your being such a stupid bastard that I object to.

~ President Art Hockstader in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man

For any of you weary of the fight with the well-entrenched socialist juggernaut–peopled we are assured with the brightest and best of humanity–I come unto you this day with news of great joy and encouragement. Of the many forces that will deliver our enemies into our hands none is so powerful as their own great and abiding stupidity.

Consider one John-David Morgan, lobbyist, SEIU spokesman and, apparently, raconteur for all seasons.  Late of Milwaukee, Mr. Morgan is the spearhead (or perhaps in Wisconsin “the Cheese Head,” which probably suits Morgan better anyway) of an orchestrated smear campaign against the Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker. The campaign, it would seem, extends far beyond the usual rent-a-mob tactics we have come to expect from SEIU, and involves willing participants in the local media and government as well.

We know this because Mr. Morgan–who should never, ever play poker–laid it all out recently for a Walker staffer outside, of all things, a tavern. The staffer, who sensibly maintained anonymity, and even more sensibly fired up the recording feature on his iPhone, kept Morgan talking for fifteen minutes, which doesn’t appear to have been much of a feat. It’s not clear if the aide had to ask Morgan to enunciate more clearly, or speak directly into the rose in his lapel, but there is little evidence it would have made any difference.

As related by Daniel Bice on, Morgan had a great deal to say.

“I’m kind of at the center of a maelstrom right now in terms of kicking Scott Walker’s (expletive),” said John-david Morgan, a lobbyist and spokesman for the Service Employees International Local 1, on Sept. 10 outside the Y-Not II tavern on E. Lyon St. “I’ve been kicking Scott Walker’s (expletive) for two months now. We’ve been on TV; we’ve done all kinds of stuff.”

“All kinds of stuff” seems to include local government and media.

…  Morgan explained how he has been working with County Board members – in particular, Supervisor John Weishan – to call for an independent investigation into what caused a 13-ton concrete panel to fall from the O’Donnell parking ramp and kill a 15-year-old Greenfield boy in late June.

“I’ve got county supervisors to do this stuff so, you know, it’s not just the labor union,” Morgan said.

The union staffer bragged about his ability to garner news coverage of his anti-Walker events from local TV stations, which he called “willing partners” in his endeavors. He also disclosed that he secretly runs an anti-Walker blog at, which prominently features Weishan and SEIU’s criticisms of the county exec.


“They’ve really been willing partners in it,” Morgan claimed of the news stations. “They come in with the TV cameras, and (channels) 58, 12 come, and 6 doesn’t always. But, yeah, they’ve been really helpful. They think it’s fun.”

Full transcript here.

Well, golly, they might find the fun factor has been leached right out of it now that Mr. Morgan has gone public. Mr. Morgan for his part has probably already retired his party hat in light of yesterday’s announcement that he had been fired by SEIU.

A spokeswoman for the union announced the action just two days after No Quarter disclosed what John-david Morgan, a lobbyist and researcher for the group, said in the conversation secretly recorded by a Walker campaign employee.

“Immediately after SEIU Local 1 learned of his comments, he was terminated,” Leslie Mendoza Kamstra, communications director for the local, said in an e-mail.

In what has to be one of the most ironic statements ever made by someone just caught with his metaphorical pants around his ankles, Morgan had this to say about the incident:

“What are we in, seventh grade? A guy asked me a bunch of questions, and I answered them. He didn’t tell me I was being interviewed,” he said. “I don’t think that’s fair.”

This is akin to the Masked Avenger beating his opponent about the head and shoulders with a folding chair then hiding behind the ref when the victim comes back over the ropes with his fist cocked.

(This probably isn’t the only comparison we could make between Mr. Morgan and a professional wrestler, but why heap burning coals.)

At least two people implicated by Morgan–Supervisor John Weishan and Walker’s Democratic opponent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett–share this peculiar “plank in your own eye” sense of moral outrage about the underhanded way in which Morgan’s underhanded election tactics have been exposed.

If there is a scandal, [Weishan] said, it has to do with how the Walker campaign worker, Michael Brickman, got the information from the union lobbyist.


Weishan said it was “underhanded” for Walker’s deputy communications director to record Morgan without letting him know who he was. Brickman gave a false name and occupation at the end of their conversation.

“I don’t go into places and misrepresent myself,” Weishan said. “That’s just the wrong way of doing business.”

Barrett [Democratic gubernatorial candidate], in fact, came down even harder on Brickman at a news conference earlier this week, saying he would fire a campaign staffer who secretly recorded anyone and lied about his identity.

Barrett had rather less to say about what he would do about any staffer on his own campaign knowingly working with an SEIU dirty tricks operative, but I am sure he’ll be getting to that any day now.

The fact that either of these gentlemen believe this kind of harrumphing will divert anyone’s attention from the real issues exposed in this episode indicates the dearth of intelligence isn’t restricted to their foot-soldiers.

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