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The Death Toll Rising: “3 Billion and Counting”

Posted on September 21 2010 1:10 pm
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Earlier this month, we broke the news that Hollywood is producing a fawning biopic of Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring helped launch the modern environmental movement. Silent Spring focused on the supposed dangers of the pesticide DDT. Those dangers turned out to be highly exaggerated — but in the meantime, millions of Africans died of preventable malaria due directly to the ban on DDT.

It’s an indication of just how shallow and morally bankrupt today’s left really is, that their showbiz cheerleaders plan to glorify a woman responsible for the deaths of more Africans than all those “evil”, slave-owning Founding Fathers combined.

The good news is, there’s another new movie that will tell the truth about the ban on DDT. The bad news, it isn’t a Hollywood film, so the chances it will make an impact on public opinion and policy may be slim.

The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) reports:

As physician Rutledge Taylor chronicles in his pull-no-punches new film, “3 Billion and Counting,” Sierra Club, Audubon Society and Environmental Defense Fund enlisted DDT in their own campaign, to get it banned. They said the chemical posed unacceptable risks to people, wildlife and the environment – and used pseudo-scientific cancer and ecological horror stories, like those in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, to spook people, politicians and bureaucrats.

Along with Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Pesticide Action Network and other eco activists, they portrayed themselves as white knight planetary guardians. Their true motives were far less virtuous. “If the environmentalists win on DDT,” EDF scientist Charles Wurster told the Seattle Times, “they will achieve a level of authority they have never had before.”

In short, the war on DDT was never about protecting people or birds. It was, and is, about power, control, money and ideology – regardless of the resultant human misery, disease and death.

CFACT’s Paul Driessen is blunt:

People have tried to kill themselves with DDT – and failed. Its most common replacement, parathion, killed hundreds of people, who safety experts said were too used to handling DDT. But as EDF’s Dr. Wurster once observed, it “only kills farm workers and most of them are Mexicans and Negroes.”

This is environmental justice? The kind championed by President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson? Eco activist groups get billions. The world’s poor get disease and death. And EPA and the greens want to be put in charge of our energy, economy, jobs, living standards and lives.

It sounds like the documentary 3 Billion and Counting could blow the lid off decades of radical environmentalist fraud. Too bad it probably won’t be coming to a theater near you, let alone your local PBS station.

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