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Hey Kids! Who Wants to Pray for Global Jihad? Massachusetts School Children Proselytized During Mosque Field Trip

Posted on September 21 2010 6:00 pm
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In yet another attempt to understand Islam, children from the Massachusetts Public School system were taken to a Boston mosque to observe the “architecture”.  At least this is what the permission slip told the parents.

However, once inside the mosque students were told about the supremacy of Islam and how Allah is the one, true god. The Muslims at the “cultural center and mosque” didn’t stop there. Oh no, they extended their kindness even further than that. The children were separated by gender and the boys were invited to pray with the men. In a shocking display of tolerance, even two Jewish boys were able to participate.

The girls were completely gypped out of the real Muslim experience. Not only were they not allowed into the prayer hall, they didn’t get to wear a burqa, marry their fifty year old cousin, or have their genitals mutilated. Stoning them to death would have been educational but may have pushed the line of separation between church and state and upset the ACLU.

Parents were also not informed about  the Rocksberry Mosque’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The mosque has been identified by the FBI as the “overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.”  The founder of this mosque is currently serving a 23 year prison term for terrorist plots against America.

Parents recently received an apology from the the school district about the controversial trip. I’m not sure that this came as a relief to the parents considering that the trip  occurred four months ago. If the apology doesn’t alleviate their concerns, perhaps the fact that the students will also be taught about Judaism and Christianity will.

The students are scheduled to visit a synagogue and hear a gospel choir perform.

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