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8 Examples of Celebrity Political Idiocy, Part 1

Posted on September 21 2010 8:00 am

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3. Rockin’ the Vote: Now With More Skank! If The Vote’s A-Rockin’, Don’t Come A-Knockin’

A particularly amusing installment in the race for “dumbass celebrities of the year” is brought to us by Rock the Vote, a member of Campaign for America’s Future’s coalition. Rock The Vote, by the way, claims to be non-partisan. This statement is on their Web site:

Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan organization. This means that we do not support or endorse candidates nor do we participate in any activities that could benefit one party over another. There are many laws governing our work as a nonpartisan organization and we take our non partisanship seriously. We cannot approve use of our logo for any partisan effort.

Huh. That’s funny. Because the video urged support for that bill that we had to pass before we could see what was in it – Obamacare, pushed for, of course, by President Obama and the Democrats. They must have been using the Newspeak definition of non-partisan. By non-partisan, they meant totally couldn’t get more partisan. Watch below:

That’s right. They encouraged young people to use their bodies as sexual weapons. Where were the feminists decrying this objectification of our young women? I suppose this kind doesn’t count. Because, racism™. Rock the Vote was basically saying: “Oh noes! Don’t support the socialization of medicine? We totally won’t bang you.” You know, if they were really concerned with health, shouldn’t they have discouraged the boffing of strangers? Although, I suppose it makes sense to them; the Left really only knows how to screw America.

They pulled the skanky version of their usual stompy foot baby behavior. Only, instead of throwing a tantrum and holding their breath, they are “holding out.” The sad part was that they thought this was a threat. I thought it was a bonus! No chance of lefty procreation, since a vast majority of Americans did, and still do, oppose this legislation. Whew!

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