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7 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Embrace Lady Gaga.

Posted on September 21 2010 12:00 pm

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Much has been written of late concerning pop star Lady Gaga and her political statements.  The criticism she’s received from many quarters has in my view been excessive and has completely missed the fact that on balance Gaga is using her fame in a positive way to promote what are often essentially conservative ideas – albeit in a decidedly countercultural context. I suspect it is this context which causes many conservatives to dismiss her because it’s simply not in their nature to take anyone with such an outlandish public persona seriously.

While it’s undeniably true that Gaga has not always come down on the right side of an issue (case-in-point, her stance on the Arizona illegal-immigration law), she has, as David Swindle has pointed out, shown wisdom in choosing the tactics she uses to promote her views.  As I’ve reviewed many of her public appearances, statements and interviews over the past few weeks, the portrait that’s emerged of Stefani Germanotta, (a.k.a. Lady Gaga) is that of an intelligent young woman whose instincts are generally quite good, and whose intentions are honorable.

Though she occasionally falls prey to the Left’s deceptions, it’s far more often the case that she takes an independent and principled stand on an issue that is not at all in keeping with the characteristic knee-jerk leftism of so many celebrities.  She deserves respect, not disdain.  Here are a few reasons why I think this is so:

1) In contrast to Madonna, who in the midst of the AIDS crisis promoted an ethos of sexual indulgence, and to whom she is compared with tiresome frequency, Gaga is not continuously encouraging sexual promiscuity.  She has in fact encouraged her fans to be sexually abstinent and has stated that she is practicing same.  She has joined with Cyndi Lauper this year to promote MAC cosmetic’s Viva Glam campaign which raises money for the MAC AIDS Fund.  Lauper and Gaga have been encouraging responsibility and sexual restraint in their public appearances supporting this campaign.

2) Lady Gaga encourages and validates artistic creativity in her fans, most of whom are teens and young adults.  Consider the recent episode of Fox’s television series “Glee” titled “Theatricality.”  The episode centered on the inspiration several of the show’s characters received from her performances, and Gaga gave permission for the show to use her songs “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face.”  The show promotes a positive message of friendship, teamwork and persistence in pursuit of one’s goals.

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