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The Crazy Season: The Witch or the Marxist?

Posted on September 20 2010 11:00 am
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I planned to go to Mass late  on Sunday so I could catch the  morning news shows. That sounds sacrilegious, I know, but I had a sense something might be up in the political world.

Little did I know that my premonition might have been channeled through Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. Her youthful “dabble” with witchcraft took over the airwaves and septuagenarian Bob Schieffer, the one who played the race card all during the campaign, could hardly stop himself from drooling.

The host of Face the Nation played the 1999 Bill Maher tape from his old network show “Politically Incorrect.”  After hearing O’Donnell I couldn’t help wondering, how crazier can this political season get?

Now the good people of Delaware have to choose between a Democrat who said he came back from Kenya in 1985 a “bearded Marxist”, Chris Coons, and a woman who says she wasn’t a card-carrying member of a coven but hooked up with people who were. In the video,  O’Donnell describes seeing blood on an altar(some kind of animal sacrifice?-she might as well get it all out in the open, Maher says he has more tapes).

I know those of us who have made it to our 40’s and beyond occasionally remember with shame and horror the mistakes we made 20 or 30 years ago. But I don’t recall hanging with Satanists  or traveling to Africa and embracing Marxism being  on the list. What the heck is going on?

If the culture has become so perverted in the last 50 years by leftist policies then we sure are seeing the consequences. Where are the ordinary, traditional ‘mom and pop’ American citizens willing to serve their country? In fairness,  O’Donnell and Coons might be salt of the earth people, who knows?  The voters must decide how much weight to give  each candidate’s past indiscretions. But don’t Americans have enough to worry about right now?

Wouldn’t it be nice, just for once, not to have to  deal with the constant vetting of  politicians’  personal lives and stick to the issues ? I mean, the mainstream media was able to do it with President Obama. Can’t everyone, especially the likes of creepy Bill Maher,  leave poor Christine and her warlock friends alone?

Not likely, this just hours ago from Irish Central reporter Patrick Roberts:

It is one thing to be against masturbation, it is quite another to admit that you took part in pagan rituals and had a picnic on a Satanic altar.

Will witchcraft top Coons’ allegiance to the malevolent forces of Marxism? With the present culture’s fascination with vampires, Harry Potter and New Age drivel, O’Donnell may actually have a chance against Coons. Now she might be able to attract a whole lot of those so-called liberals to her base of conservative tea-partiers.

After all, even her opponents have to admit there’s nothing fun or exciting about Marxism.

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