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Life under Communism: Do the Young Ones Know?

Posted on September 20 2010 12:00 pm
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Never Again.

A great piece was published recently in The American Thinker entitled “Life under Communism.” It expresses a worry we should all feel.

“I  am worried because too many people, especially our youth, don’t even have a clue as to what living under a totalitarian regime is like. Here is my story, how I learned about the evils of government domination and became the patriotic freedom-fighter that I am today.”

The author, Charlotte Cushman, writes vividly and very personally on what it was like to have family who escaped the brutal rule of Communism. She recalls how her uncle, who escaped communist Yugoslavia and had just arrived in America, was traumatized:

“He was very nice and a lot of fun, but he was very nervous. He was nervous all the time. When we would go out in the car he would constantly be looking around, smoking a cigarette, with hands shaking, glancing continuously at the cars behind us or next to us. He would say things like, “They are after me.” “They have followed me here.” “They’re going to get me.”

She continues:

“…he started talking about his life in Yugoslavia. He said his family used to live on a beautiful farm, but the government took it away from them. He said the Communists controlled everyone and everything. They couldn’t even cut a tree down on their own property for firewood. He was afraid to walk from the house to the barn for fear of being shot. You had to be careful of everything you said because if you said something against the government, you put your life at risk.”

Charlotte’s piece serves as a great reminder to us that we must never allow this horrible time in history to be forgotten.  Lest we repeat it.

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