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Frum Forum Mash Note to Meggie Mac has the Most Embarrassing First Sentence of a Blog Post I’ve Ever Read

Posted on September 20 2010 3:49 pm
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Well, I’ll give Frum Forum blogger Tim Mak some credit. It is an effective lead — he grabs your attention. Though, it probably does not have the effect he intended:

As every unmarried male reviewer of Dirty Sexy Politics must do, I have to consider the effect that writing a bad review will have on my chances of ever taking Meghan McCain out to dinner. But even considering the consequences, this is an honest review.

Just sit for a moment and ponder that sentiment.

Tim is itching to go out on a date with Meghan McCain — and he seems to think that every unmarried man is also.

Why? Because she’s pretty? Tim, I’ve got something to tell you man to man: just because a woman is physically attractive it doesn’t mean you should go out with her on a date. It doesn’t matter how good a woman looks — if she does not have a meaningful thought in her head then it’s going to be a very long date. I suppose you’d want to go out with Paris Hilton too?

But Tim ultimately doesn’t endanger his Meggie Mac-Hookup chances. He hasn’t written a negative review at all. He chides Meggie Mac on style and tone but wholly affirms her:

Putting the quality of the writing aside, her outlook for the Republican Party could grow to be quite powerful among younger voters. Her message of inclusivity makes it possible for her to reach out to those who might otherwise have not given the Republican Party a second look. “It is bad enough to find yourself put in a box by your opposition,” she says. “But when a political party starts putting itself in a box, it is not a box. It is a coffin.”

Dirty Sexy Politics is not a work of art – but it’s not meant to be. It reaches out to an audience that I am not a part of, yes, but it has an important message that should resonate with those who care about the future of the Republican Party. The GOP needs to grow to accept new vantage points, new ideas, and new voices – and that includes those of Meghan McCain.

It takes a great deal of condescension toward Generation Y to honestly suggest that the vapid, “crazy sex,” junior-high-level scribblings of Meggie Mac will resonate.

What’s the view that Meghan McCain allegedly brings to the Conservative Movement that isn’t already here? All it boils down to is being pro-gay, socially liberal, and comfortable with popular culture. Those sentiments describe the majority of the NRB editorial team and a number of voices across the blogosphere and the Movement at large. Meggie Mac’s solution is one in search of a problem.

Pro-gay, socially liberal, “South Park” conservatives are already welcome on the Right. Meggie Mac’s only useful purpose is to embarrass the Right with her braindead, Valley Girl, “I’m just a blonde” inanities. She’s a tool of the Left. That Frum Forum is seduced by McCain’s good looks and fake, “center-right,” “inclusion” message is no surprise considering that they remain in bed with a pedophile apologist pornographer. What it boils down to is this: as long as someone takes shots at movement conservatives from a “center-right” position then they’ll have a home and support at Frum Forum no matter how uneducated or disgusting they are.

And that’s because the animating principle driving the Frum movement is not a sense of standing for anything but rather attempting to destroy the Conservative Movement as it exists today. Like all radicalisms, Frumian Squish-Conservatism is ultimately a nihilism.

Best of luck on your upcoming date with Meggie Mac, Tim. Do your best to be a gentlemen and resist the inevitable drunken advances.

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