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“Young Guns” and “Chastened Rebels”: The Clowning of America

Posted on September 18 2010 9:00 am
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Lame, limp and self absorbed attention seeking is not what most of us are looking for this year in our politicians. That’s what the Democrat Party is for. But Republican House members, Congressmen Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy have released a new book entitled Young Guns, featuring themselves on the cover, apparently designed to magnetically attract us to the Conservative cause. Rich Lowry of National Review has added a second tag line in an essay yesterday, calling the trio “chastened rebels”. The Weekly Standard claimed credit last week for the “Young Gun” moniker as they were referred to as such in a 2007 issue. Have people lost their minds? Normal people cannot possibly find this appealing.  Is one supposed to imagine a trio of mythic, heroic Roland Deschain Gunslingers, (from the Stephen King Dark Tower series), striding into town to take on the High Princess of Evil, Nancy Pelosi?  Maybe they envision someday having this cover photo replacing Che Guevara as the college dorm poster of choice for future rebellious youth.

If this book promotion were not bad enough, the GOP has also released a short video trailer, which could easily be used unedited as an SNL bit, if the average American knew who these guys were. Radio talk show host John Batchelor summarized it best (Attack of the Zombie Republicans) when he states that the YouTube video sets the standard for “suicidal vanity”. He observes mockingly that they look like “West Hollywood valets {who} gaze longingly at each other…….as a script from Frank Capra outtakes {plays} in the background”. Viewers should also take note of the Washington Monument photo taken from its base. I thought that sort of “subliminal” imagery went out with drive-in movies. Our erstwhile gunslingers are hard and virulent and presumably here to save us from tyranny.

The problem, besides the obvious clownishness of the imagery, is they have the storyline backwards. They are following the people, not leading. How inspiring is it when they say, according to the schoolgirlish Lowry, “we want to make sure we don’t screw this thing up again”? Can it get much worse than that? The only reason the GOP may get a second chance to rule the House is because the Democrats are even worse. No one in their right mind is following “young guns” or “chastened rebels”. Not only is the imagery absurd, but the facts are contradicting the premise.  Ryan and Cantor have been in the House for 12 and 10 years, respectively. McCarthy has been in the House only since 2006, but was effectively appointed by his predecessor of 28 years, and former boss, Bill Thomas—-the Chairman of the House and Ways Committee pre 2007.

Who are these guys kidding? Congress has a 70% disapproval rating. The more we see of them in this context, the more worrisome is our country’s condition. Here is some friendly advice to our 3 amigos and the GOP Congressional leadership promoting this. Don’t insult your boss (“we the people”) with your exhibitionist, effeminate and embarrassing preening. It will just make us madder. If we vote for you, it is because we have no other choice. We want you to do your job without this farcical glibness. In fact, here is one time our president can give you some sound advice: “just plug the damn hole.”

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