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German media says tea party is ‘moving mountains’ in America

Posted on September 18 2010 2:00 pm
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The times they are a-changin’ and German journalists have chronicled the shift  in their astute analysis of the American political scene. This from Handelsblatt, Germany’s daily business journal:

“Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are part of an opposition movement outside of Congress which is moving mountains. This is a revolt against ‘Obamaism,’ which is seen as representing big government, more taxes, a higher deficit and not enough ‘Americanism.’ Day by day, it puts more and more pressure onto those at the top.”

“In the US, people … spend time and money supporting the Republicans. Unlike in Germany, in America, which never had a Hitler, being ‘right-wing’ is not taboo. ‘Right-wing’ represents Reagan, religion, the free market, individualism, patriotism and small government. In reality, it is an impossible mixture: National pride, God and tradition are conservative ‘us’ values. The profit motive, competition and a weak state are ‘me-first’ sentiments … . But this mixture of conservative values and neoliberalism works well in America, where it transcends social class — that’s the difference to Germany.”

A little over two years ago candidate Obama stood before 200,000 starstruck fans  at Berlin’s Victory Column  and said, “America has no better partner than Europe.” They instantly fell for his “my father the Kenyan goatherder” schtick but no more. Seems they’re more enamored of Beck and Palin than  ‘citizen of the world’  Barack.

Could it be that European secular liberals are pining for some good old-fashioned American conservatism?

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