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Weiner Leads Congressional Attack on Beck Advertiser. The New Fairness Doctrine?

Posted on September 17 2010 6:00 pm
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Weiner's trying to bring Beck and other conservatives down.

One of the Left’s great legislative fantasies is to be able to bring down conservative talk radio.  They have flirted with it in the past through The Fairness Doctrine.  So-called liberals have long wanted to use government intervention to pull conservatives off the air.  One problem though – the constitution.  You attack free speech when you attempt to censor talk radio.  But Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has tried a back door tactic – use the full force of government to wage war against the advertisers of conservative radio and television.

The Radio Business Report came out with an article today about some new Weiner backed legislation attacking Goldline, a major advertiser of Glenn Beck’s radio program.  This coming Thursday (9/23/10) the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection, part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, will hold a hearing on .R. 6149, the “Precious Coins and Bullion Disclosure Act.”  Guess who their central target is?  Glenn Beck’s Goldline.

Weiner’s House website said Weiner,

“is proposing legislation that would force Goldline and companies like it to fully disclose their dishonest business practices. Under Rep. Weiner’s bill, companies like Goldline would be required to disclose the reasonable resale value of items being sold and would no longer be able to hide behind false promises of profitability.  The frenzied marketplace has become rife with scam artists ready and willing to take advantage of consumers.  The sole purpose of this proposed legislation is to protect consumers from being ripped off.”

Weiner first began to focus on Beck and Goldline last May when he used taxpayer money to investigate Goldline.  For some reason the NY congressman decided to focus on a company that has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and ignore the dozens upon dozens of gold companies with F ratings.  I wonder if that might have to do with Beck, and especially with Weiner’s desire to silence the influential talk radio host and others like him? Back in May both Beck and Bill O’Reilly called out Weiner for such a despicable tactic.

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