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The Obama Administration Goes Along With UN ‘Apartheid-Style Ban’ Against Israel

Posted on September 17 2010 1:00 pm
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When the Obama Administration decided to join the discredited, Islamic bloc-dominated United Nations Human Rights Council, it was supposedly to help reform this wayward institution. Instead, as EyeontheUN editor Anne Bayefsky points out, the United States under President Obama has joined the human rights-crashing party while not achieving one iota of improvement in the Council’s processes.

What kind of body that calls itself the “Human Rights Council” has as its members such countries as the repressive regimes of Libya and Saudi Arabia? Yet the Obama Administration has sucked the United States directly into this cauldron.

Aside from legitimizing the immoral treatment of Israel by its malignant acquiescence, as I discuss below, the Obama Administration even threw the sovereign state of Arizona under the bus by submitting a self-critique of the United States’ human rights record to these flouters of human rights. Hillary Clinton’s State Department told the Council that the White House was taking action to rectify the alleged human rights abuses that Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law supposedly contains.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Organization of Islamic Conference (the OIC), which controls the Human Rights Council’s agenda, scoff at the idea of any reform of the Council itself. They also make sure that the democratic state of Israel is not only excluded from membership, but even from participating as an observer in the Council’s deliberations.

As Anne Bayefsky so accurately characterizes the Council’s treatment of Israel, this supposed great Defender of Human Rights is engaging in “apartheid-style” exclusion of any representatives of the Jewish state.

What’s more, Israel is the repeated target of the  Council’s obsessive condemnations of virtually everything that Israel tries to do to defend its citizens from terrorist attacks. In fact, it has adopted more resolutions and decisions condemning the state of Israel than all other 191 UN members combined.

Nevertheless, rather than boycott the Council’s sessions until it at least dropped its arbitrary slamming of the door in Israel’s face, the Obama administration decided to participate in this week’s session anyway.

As Anne Bayefsky put it:

American engagement with the Council is not simply an exercise in futility. The Council is a place where non-democracies have the run of the place, while Israel is forced to operate at a disadvantage. With its active participation in meetings that deliberately exclude only Israelis, the Obama administration is promoting human wrongs, not protecting human rights.

Where is the mainstream press on this deliberate snub of our only true democratic ally in the Middle East, which the Obama administration is pushing to make even more concessions to achieve a phony peace with the Palestinians? Nowhere as usual, when it comes to pointing out the current administration’s moral and policy failures.

Joseph A. Klein is the author of a new book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam.

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