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Bossy, big government, corrupt leftists like Michelle make kids fat

Posted on September 17 2010 4:00 pm
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Mrs. Obama should stop nagging  restaurant owners about  items on their menus. They work 15 hours a day, seven days a week to stay in business while she whoops it up at the White House.

And  after all, the First Lady must know why the children are stuffing themselves.  She and her ilk are directly responsible for the single mothers, the absent fathers, the two-parent families working four jobs and the state-assisted welfare moochers who feel entitled to  middle-class taxpayers’ salaries. The ones who come straight out of the Left’s twisted, hypocritical agenda to help build a better world.

With the traditional family in ruins, television and fast food have replaced mama.

Our kids are spending less time outside and more time on the couch in front of the TV.

Maybe the children can’t go outside because mom and dad are not there to watch them. Maybe  money-grubbing altruists-in-name-only like the Obamas should have thought about that when they declared war on the family.

The progressives’ social policies, women’s liberation and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program in the 1960s worked out great for the elites, didn’t it? They racked up the Georgetown homes, Chicago connections and  Ivy league educations. Government monies flowed in for thousands of do-gooder causes, mostly targeted at poor, urban families who were easy pickins’ for parasites like Michelle Obama. Now the same ruling class leftists want to ‘nanny’ the kids they made fat in the first place!

Maybe it’s remorse after seeing the mess they’ve created over the past 50 years but that would mean they have a conscience which is highly unlikely.

No, it’s the money stupid. The progressive elites will do what they do best- spend ,spend, spend.

As a former Democrat, I never thought I’d say this, but Republican greed is child’s play compared to the Democrats’ insatiable need for mo’ money. And big government means a big payoff.

Michelle’s collectivist style speech to the National Restaurant Association, asking them to “substitute wheat pasta for white pasta” and to “rethink the food you offer” shows how far she and her fellow socialists will go to gain complete control of other people’s wealth. She already has $10 billion for her food project,  maybe next she’ll strong arm restaurant owners into signing some kind of SALT treaty.  Dump the salt or face fines and penalty taxes.

Dr. Michelle also told the entrepreneurs that “we as humans, are programmed to crave sugary, fatty, salty foods.” She should know. We certainly have witnessed the First Lady satisfying her own cravings for cupcakes, lobster and ice cream this past summer.

So, let’s forget the hypocritical programs. We know what the progressives are after.  Michelle Obama needs to take care of her own family and leave ours alone; she and her leftist cohorts have done enough damage.

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