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Jon Stewart Meets His Match With Tony Blair

Posted on September 16 2010 2:00 pm
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Finally! A guest on The Daily Show that disagreed with Jon Stewart that is articulate and capable! Last night, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair came on the program and had a conversation with Stewart free of denigration and cross-talk and in my opinion, Blair came out on top. The audience even enthusiastically applauded Blair at times, particularly when he said you can’t compromise with people like the Taliban and that if leaders like those in Iran say they’re going to destroy Israel and are trying to get nuclear weapons, you should be worried.

Stewart also made a number of blunders. He said that the violence in Iraq is motivated by nationalism against occupiers (it’s not), that Saddam had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda or the ideology we’re fighting (he did), that Saddam was one of the few in the Middle East not trying to get nuclear weapons (he was) and that, and this is the real kicker, toppling the Taliban and Saddam Hussein “did not mitigate the risk” and regime change in Iran won’t either.

Watch the extended interview after the jump (you have to click on the “full episode” to watch the first of the three parts) and to see more of my comments:

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Jon Stewart also said he believed that Ahmadinejad was just being loud and boisterous when he says he wants to destroy Israel. So, basically, Ahmadinejad is like the braggart friend that we all have who brags about how he could beat up the body-builder next to him and how he could score with Katy Perry.

I probably don’t need to elaborate on how well Tony Blair handled this. He rightly characterized Stewart’s position as believing we can “manage” situations like these, but the cost should this “management” fail is too high to take a gamble like that. And most importantly—Jon Stewart says he believes the Iranian regime cares only about its own well-being and isn’t apocalyptic or really going to do anything that bad—but why does he believe this?

I hear this line of thinking all the time. Why do people assume that our enemies are lying when they say they’re going to do something and are trying to create weapons to carry out their stated objectives? I’m going to call Dr. Phil and hopefully, I’ll come back with an answer.

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