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France Bans Female Head Bagging

Posted on September 16 2010 6:00 pm

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Womans right or fratboy joke?

Referring to the anonymizing invisibility of the burqa, Sihem Habchi, president of Ni Putes Ni Soumises (NPNS) declares:

I’m Muslim and I can’t accept that because I’m a woman I have to disappear.

She was commenting about the fact that the French have banned the Mohammedan custom of making women wear bags over their heads. We can expect leftists all over the world to rise up in outrage over this assault on a woman’s basic freedom to be forced to wear a bag over her head. Most particularly, we can expect establishment femisogynists to rush to the defence of Muslim bully boys that wish to retain their prerogative in this matter — a revolting betrayal which I pillory here.

The ban passed in the French Senate on Tuesday by a vote of 246 to 1. (Who was that joker?) According to AP, the process is not quite complete as the law must now “pass muster with France’s constitutional watchdog.” One can expect some brain-bending debates to come as we are told that:

In an attempt to head off any legal challenges over arguments it tramples on religious and other freedoms, the leaders of both parliamentary houses said they had asked a special body to ensure it passes constitutional muster. The Constitutional Council has one month to rule.

The bill is worded to trip safely through legal minefields. For instance, the words “women,” “Muslim” and “veil” are not even mentioned in any of its seven articles.

You’ve got to love that.

Of course AP retails some of the standard evasions and deceptions:

The legislation … risks raising the level of Islamophobia in a country where mosques, like synagogues, are sporadic targets of hate.

Let’s see, subjugation of women is a “religious freedom“: cultural relativism, check. “Islamophobia“: deceptive anti-concept, check. Mohammedans are just as subject to aggression as Jews: moral equivalence, check. There’s nothing like an honest, consistent and responsible editorial policy. What a pack of cards those AP characters are.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the enforcement phase, assuming it gets there. It is, after all, a rather curious contrast. On one hand, Paris is badly disrupted by police no-go zones, where the Muslims own the streets. Almost as ominous, just recently, at Eid al Fitr I think (the end of Ramadan), the Muslim devout flooded the streets of Paris, sticking their rear ends in the air to pray, and disrupting traffic — the police were powerless, or at least unwilling, to do a thing. The Parisian authorities seem stymied. And yet here on the other hand, they pass a law against the full, face concealing veil. Curious don’t you think?

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