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3 Reasons Why BlogCon is Made of Awesome

Posted on September 15 2010 1:00 pm

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[The above photo is of me and Vodkapundit–aka, Stephen Green.]

This past weekend, FreedomWorks put on a national blogger conference in Washington D.C. called BlogCon, that was open to all bloggers who wanted to attend. Tabitha Hale, the brains behind BlogCon who put the whole thing together, really outdid herself. (All attendees should participate in a quiet “golf clap” for Tabitha.)

Folks, I had a blast this past weekend. Seriously, if any of you ever get the opportunity to attend a national blogging conference like BlogCon, I highly suggest going. In fact, there are three very good reasons to attend BlogCon next year (or any similar national blogging conference in the future). So, without much fanfare and ado, let’s get right to it.

1.) BlogCon is a great place to learn how to use the new media in order to more effectively market yourself and your blog/work.

Yes, I realize that this subject matter may be boring to some of you (I’ve saved the most fun reasons–and some great pics–for last), but trust me, it’s important. No matter what your business is (and yes, blogging is a business), it is critical to know how to use the new media in order to better market yourself and your business. And, BlogCon had panel after panel of experts who provided invaluable instructions on how to be effective on camera, pimp your blog/videos and use humor in your blogging so as to immediately grab readers’ attention. John Hawkins of Right Wing News has written a concise and excellent summary with regard to how instructive these panels actually were (and he also has some spectacular photos from the event on his Web site):

Now, I’ve been around a long time, so if I really enjoy a panel and learn a lot, it’s a pretty good bet that a lot of other people did, too.

My three faves were,

Vlogging, YouTube, & interviews: How to be effective on camera: Lee Doren , Jason Mattera , & Steven Crowder: The information they gave out, particularly on marketing your videos, was absolutely invaluable. Here’s just one hint: the key to taking a video viral is to get heavy views for it in the first 48 hours and then, if it does well enough, it will show at the top of YouTube’s promotional pages and it’ll really have a chance to take off.

Pimp your blog: Maximizing your WordPress experience: Cord Blomquist. Word Press is what powers Right Wing News and Cord knows it like the back of his hand. His suggests were invaluable and some of the plugins he suggested were EXACTLY what I had been trying to find for months.

Humor in Blogging: Ace of Spades HQ, Caleb Howe, Snark and Boobs, and Iowahawk. It’s actually very difficult to be funny while you talk about HOW to be funny, but they managed to pull it off. Ace in particular, was on fire. (PS: I know people would love to see some Ace pictures and I have ’em, but he requested that they be embargoed. Besides, you guys have seen the Ewoks from Star Wars, right? Okay, now imagine a very tall Ewok that drinks a lot and there you have it!)”

Now, on to the second reason why BlogCon is a must for any aspiring blogger.

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