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Christine O’Donnell Wins Republican Nomination – Now Moves on to Fight the Republicans

Posted on September 15 2010 5:45 pm

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Upon reading the reviews of Christine O’Donnell’s win over Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary, one could be forgiven for conjuring up images of monks (a la Monty Python) walking around in a circle, whacking themselves with boards and chanting “Woe, verily woe!”

Ruth Marcus over at the Washington Post is scared and despondent:

… I had thought the silver lining of this election year might be to produce a Senate with a more robust cadre of moderate Republicans.


Now, it’s as plausible to envision a bolstered Jim DeMint caucus, following the disturbingly powerful junior senator from South Carolina: Sharron Angle (Nev.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Ken Buck (Colo.) — plus the two other incumbent-slayers of the primary season, Mike Lee in Utah and in Joe Miller in Alaska. Scary.

“Moderate” Republicans in Marcus’s world are Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Scott Brown. Lord knows the Senate will be deeply impoverished for lack of even more of such gelatinous types whose favorite color is plaid and never met a capitulation to the Progressive Democrats they couldn’t rationalize.

Evan Sayet once asked how many foreign armies would have to march through the Arc de Triomphe before it would occur to someone to change the name. Exactly how many Arlen Specter’s do we have to send to Washington before the Republican Old Guard will realize that never works out well?

Karl Rove, for one, doesn’t appear to have figured this one out yet.

Now, I appreciate that Rove is called “the architect” by his admirers – possibly by virtue of transforming what should have been a walkover against an empty suit like John Kerry into a squeaker and meeting the attacks and slanders against the Bush administration with some of the most tepid and ineffectual responses in modern history (effectively surrendering the narrative to the Left) – but I’m sure this time he’s onto something.

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