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Posted on September 13 2010 6:00 pm
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Naw, just joshin’. But it would be fitting, given what happened this week.

It sounded like a fake story from The Onion, but there was no punchline: Dictator Fidel Castro summoned an American reporter to Cuba to break the news that, hey, that whole socialism thing hadn’t really been such a smart idea.

Now, I’ve been wishing Castro dead for a long time, not incidentally because a BBQ master of my acquaintance has promised to roast a whole pig to celebrate the occasion.

But I’m glad he lived long enough to tell the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg what so many paranoid rightwing troglodytes have been saying for decades:

Castro, now 84 and semi-retired, made a surprisingly lucid admission about how 52 years of communist dictatorship have ruined his country. “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore…”

Castro’s motives in stating the obvious are still unclear. He may be desperate for attention. Or, having turned his country into an impoverished hellhole, he may want the U.S. trade embargo to end.

As pointed out, the joke’s on useful American idiots like filmmakers Michael Moore and Oliver Stone. The former devoted an entire documentary, Sicko, to the glories of the Cuban “health” “care” “system,” while Stone’s next movie is a “hagiography about Castro.”

Maybe we will finally get a break from hearing Westerners, recently returned from their oh-so “affordable” holiday in the socialist paradise, raving about Havana’s “quaint” atmosphere. (“Quaint” because Cubans are obliged to drive crappy old cars from the 1950s; “affordable” because all those waitresses and bellhops get paid squat.)

Then again, I presume Castro supporters the world over have already written off the dictator’s remarks as the rantings of a senile old man. Progressives don’t create much of consequence, but let’s give them credit for being able to concoct ingenious excuses whenever their illusions are shattered.

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