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Hollywood Before and After 9/11- Ten Films That Stood Against Evil

Posted on September 12 2010 2:00 pm

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Hollywood has long had an active political climate. It is in the heart of tinsel town where the far Left has always had a level of comfort (See Ron Radosh’s Red Star Over Hollywood). Even when major studio heads like Jack Warner and Walt Disney stood strong against Communism during the Golden Years, the hard Left found ways to flourish. At the time Communism was regarded by many as the best reaction to Fascism, however, most Hollywood Leftists eventually saw the murderous realities of both destructive political mindsets and began to embrace America.

Regardless, there was still a long time in Hollywood when the good guy would draw a line in the sand so we knew where he stood. After the attacks from radical fundamentalists on 9/11, however,   it became politically incorrect to take sides against our real enemies. More importantly, it became politically correct to depict America as a great oppressor. Will today’s Hollywood Left go through the same transformation and eventually see America’s enemies for who they are? Time will tell, but for now I would suggest they watch the two videos below and try to remember what it felt like to see America’s politically correct fear of calling out a real enemy culminate into my generation’s day that will forever live in infamy.

Even before 9/11/01, we could see the Hollywood Left’s misguided view of terrorism growing. Films like Arlington Road, while entertaining and thought provoking, played with the paranoia built by the Oklahoma City bombings (our neighbor could be a terrorist!). Naturally, they avoided choosing the most likely and consistent enemies from the Middle East. Doing so was seen as an unfair cliché, however, that all changed on 9/11 when we were shown who are true enemies are. Unfortunately, some have forgotten what it is like to stand against evil so I would like to highlight ten Hollywood projects that were not afraid to take a stand.

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