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Red Eye: Chris Christie is Too Big to Fail

Posted on September 11 2010 8:47 am
I'm a newly born Conservative, recovering from a life of misguided liberalism. 40-something, born in Seattle and raised in Washington State.
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Does Obama know Christie is an American? (And a conservative?)

Chris Christie, the blunt and outspoken governor of New Jersey, has made no friends on the Left side of the political spectrum. His no nonsense delivery and rye honesty don’t exactly endear him to the touchy-feely crowd. Consequently, Christie has become an Internet hero and a conservative folk legend in his own time.

The governor gained fame (and notoriety) recently for his clashes with New Jersey teachers after economic hardship forced him to trim the state’s education budget.

Christie’s verbal smack downs are his trademark, and it’s no wonder this latest confrontation with a New Jersey educator made it to “Red Eye.”  Host Greg Gutfeld, who turns 46 this Sunday (Happy Birthday, Greg!), joined guests Lauren Sivan, Tom Shillue and Kerry Picket to discuss our favorite “large and in charge” governor, among other subjects.

(Watch Christie’s latest teacher smack down)

The reason people love Christie is because he tells it like it is. No couching language in politically correct doublespeak or hyperbole. In fact, if you found yourself clapping your hands and shouting “Amen!” while you watched the video clip above, you’re far from being alone. As Shillue said:

I love Chris Christie! I want to sit on his lap.

Fortunately, lap sitting is not required. All one has to have to appreciate a man like Christie is a love of facts and of plain English.

The biggest complaint about Christie made by the Left? His tone. They don’t think he’s nice enough. I’m sure he’s a racist meanie, but apparently attitude trumps even the bigot card.

When Christie asked teachers to forego an annual salary increase rather than lose their jobs, he was told he was ruining education. Last year, a New Jersey Teacher’s Union official sent out an email encouraging members of the union to pray for his death.

I guess they all prayed for the governor’s death very politely. Nice Marxists. Always so kind.

Look, I’m not here to endorse Chris Christie as a political candidate. In fact, I had just about finished airbrushing my “Christie/Brewer 2012” bumper stickers when the governor tweeted he wasn’t interested in running for the presidency. Plus, endorsing candidates isn’t what we do here.

I’m here to endorse Christie’s character, and characters like his.

What American politics needs more of is the blatant truth. Want to talk economics? Give us facts and figures, not philosophies and buzzwords.

Christie is affecting real change in his political office, but he’s really just an archetype of the re-energized American conservative movement. We The People are speaking up. And, for once, it’s not just the leftists being loud. The Tea Party movement, new media and social networking: all of these are helping give rise to a new wave of voter-oriented conservatism.

Big government incumbents are being forced to find new jobs. Seats traditionally held by Democrats are going to Republicans, and Sarah Palin has become one of the most powerful figures in American politics while holding no office.

So when I point to Chris Christie and say, “There’s a true conservative voice,” what I’m really saying is there’s our voice. We made Christie possible.

Likewise, when I steal a popular phrase from the Left, and say Christie is “too big to fail,” I’m not talking about the man, per se. I’m talking about us. The conservative majority of Americans who will no longer be silent.

This year, it’s Chris Christie, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann who speak for us. Next year, it might be Jane Doe, whom we haven’t met yet but will be totally in love with by March.

It doesn’t matter who the messenger is. What matters is the message. The message we’re delivering is the truth, and that truth is definitely too big to fail.

Chris Barnhart is a conservative social and political blogger. He can also be found frequently haunting Twitter.

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