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Stephen Colbert Shows What It Means to Be Patriotic

Posted on September 10 2010 12:00 pm
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This week, The Colbert Report ‘s in-studio audience consists of American soldiers from Iraq as Stephen Colbert honors them the right way—not just praising them for their service and sacrifice, but for their victory. Yes, Colbert used the V-Word, and he means it. He wants the troops to know they are coming home as winners and no matter what is thought of the original decision to invade Iraq, they have made the world a much better place.

This goes a big step further than giving the meaningful but cliché “I support the troops” that soldiers often hear. This is a good thing to say, but acknowledging and appreciating the significance of what they’ve accomplished is even better. And that’s what Colbert is doing. Watch last night’s show featuring General Odierno and Vice President Biden after the jump:

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Colbert stands head and shoulders above most other celebrities in how he’s used his power to support the troops. One thing that I wish Hollywood would do is hold a blockbuster telethon with musical performances as was done during Katrina. Make it free of politics, focused solely on raising money for the troops and telling the stories of how they are helping Iraqis and Afghans.

Tell the stories of the schools they built; the cross-sectarian partnerships that seemed impossible in 2006; the joy felt by Iraqis as they voted; the growing economy and opportunity that didn’t exist before. It’s a sad reality that the folks of Hollywood, the people most indebted to the soldiers and with the greatest means to return the favor, aren’t doing things like this that would be simple for them to do with their power.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything. Let’s thank the troops not just for serving, but for their victory. And let’s thank them with action, not just words.

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