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Red Eye: To Burn or Not To Burn – Radicalism Explored

Posted on September 10 2010 6:00 pm
I'm a newly born Conservative, recovering from a life of misguided liberalism. 40-something, born in Seattle and raised in Washington State.
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Now THIS is a radical.

Remember that nutty pastor in Gainesville, Florida who was going to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 by burning copies of the Qur’an? Terry Jones is calling off the event after speaking with various members of the government, including Robert Gates.

Red Eye” host, Greg Gutfeld, said in a special supplementary Greg-Alogue

Obama said the act would incite terrorists “to blow themselves up.”


Remember when an Imam was going to build a mosque near Ground Zero and the government stepped in because they feared the emotional reactions of everyday Americans would incite violence and lead to people “blowing themselves up?”

Me neither.

Gutfeld continues

but… nobody burned Korans before 9/11, or the first World Trade Center attack in 93.

To me, the definition of radical extremism, is that its viciousness exists independent of anything you or I do.

Radicals blow up nice people and jerks – and that includes innocent Muslims who coveted their Korans.

There was no Koran barbecue prior to terror attacks in Argentina, Kenya, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, London, Lebanon, Italy or Germany.

The victims there didn’t ask for it. And that defines an extremist.

Yet, I’ve grown up with images of burned American flags, dead American hostages, our troops dragged through streets, and psychotic masses of angry chanters preaching our death.

And I haven’t killed anyone.

That’s not how the main stream media portrays things, though. While they busily try to tie Timothy McVeigh to every Tea Party member, it has fallen out of fashion to link radical, faith-based acts of terror on … not the Jews or the Christians. You know, the other ones.

This double standard doesn’t stop with the leftist media. It goes all the way to the White House. Some of you may remember Eric Holder’s almost constitutional inability to say “radical Islam.”

(Watch Eric Holder refuse to say “Radical Islam”)

But sneeze in the vicinity of a burka and – presto! – you’re an “Islamophobe.” Welcome to newspeak. I mean, the new world.

Remember that horrible scene in “Saving Private Ryan,” where the German soldier sneaks up the stairs and quietly buries a knife in the chest of an American soldier, all the while making comforting shushing sounds?

I can’t get those images out of my mind. Except, when the scene plays in my head, the free world is the American soldier, radicalized Islam is the German soldier, and the American political Left is the knife.

Playing on the Left’s gullibility and political correctness, radical Islam has convinced them there’s nothing to fear. No one’s really bad, after all, just tragically misunderstood. Except white conservatives. They’re pure evil. Wielding the leftist media like a well-honed blade, Islam tries to lull us into compliance and submission with buzz phrases like “Religion of Peace” and “tolerance.”

It’s not working like they’d hoped, however. More and more, Americans are seeing the difference between peaceful protest and flying planes into buildings.

Gutfeld is right. No one burned a Qur’an before 9/11.

We hate what radical Islamists do. They hate what we are. We fight terrorism. They fight freedom. We look down on someone who would burn the flag. They threaten to kill anyone who offends them.

Their radicals are not like our radicals. Yet the Left continues to allow itself to be used as a tool of the very extremism it plays down.

Burning the Qur’an is offensive. Threatening to kill innocent Americans because of it is hateful and immoral. Trying to treat the two as if they were the same thing is evil.

Chris Barnhart is a conservative social and political blogger. He can also be found frequently haunting Twitter

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