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Obama’s Playing the Claw Game With Our Economy

Posted on September 10 2010 5:05 pm
Scott Spiegel blogs at He can be reached at

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Behold a president whose economic ideas are so muddled that he could pronounce:

“[A]nyone who thinks we can move this economy forward with a few doing well at the top, hoping it’ll trickle down to working folks… just [hasn’t] studied our history”

and then brag:

“[W]e’re cutting taxes for companies that put our people to work here at home.”

Gee—I wonder how giving tax breaks to companies helps the middle class? Perhaps, when taxes are lowered, company owners have more money to hire workers? You might say that tax cuts cause jobs to “trickle down” to the working class.

When the stimulus bill failed to reduce unemployment last year, leftists snickered at how dumb conservatives were for expecting the bill to have an effect right away. In late spring 2009, when unemployment was at 8.5%, they said, Wait a few more months. At the end of the summer, when unemployment was at 9.5%, they said, Wait till the end of the year. At the end of the year, when unemployment was over 10%, they said, The stimulus could take years to lay bare its brilliant results.

Obama’s announcement represents a perverse stubbornness to acknowledge that his party’s economic ideas simply aren’t working. The one thing that might save his presidency would be for him to turn into President Bill Clinton and start governing from the center, but then he would have to admit that he was wrong.

The clincher that leftists know they should be following conservatives’ advice always comes when they trot out the canard that “Republican leadership hasn’t brought any helpful ideas to the table.” That’s what they said when conservatives rejected their nationalized health care scheme, a claim belied by dozens of health care reform bills Republicans had introduced in the House.

The Tea Party’s Contract from America lists 10 fantastic ideas for strengthening the economy, such as simplifying the tax system, imposing caps on federal spending increases, and permanently extending the Bush tax cuts. In other words, “no helpful ideas.”

Obama’s latest tin-eared proposal is final proof, in 12-foot tall block letters, for those who still need it, that he doesn’t get it: Americans are furious about the mountains of debt he has piled on top of us, and are tired of letting him play his greedy claw game.

Scott Spiegel blogs at on domestic affairs, international relations, economic issues, social issues, law enforcement, and national security.  He may be reached at

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