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Boring, Irrelevant Lectures From Obama Can Be Just the Ticket for Parents

Posted on September 10 2010 1:00 pm
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Obama’s lost the college crowd. He proved that at Cuyahugo Community College in Ohio on September 8.   His organizers actually had to pull students out of their classes to fill empty seats before the cameras started rolling.

He’s being deserted by fellow Democrats and the majority of Independents abandoned him last March.

So who’s left? Elementary, middle and high school kids. On September 14 the nation’s children will listen as the former college instructor drones on, trying to inspire and rouse them to be better students, better citizens and blah, blah, blah.

Last year his  back to school speech elicited cries of outrage from conservative parents. This year, after 365 days of the president‘s whiny, dull, gouge- out- our- eyes teleprompter talks the only thing we’re feeling for the little ones is pity.

What a difference a year makes. In 2009 most of us thought Obama might be so charismatic, so mesmerizing that our children would come home spouting Alinsky’s rules for radicals. But we’ve discovered that his talk is all talk.

So parents don’t need to opt out next week. They could actually make their kids listen to the speech as a punishment for some transgression. Forget time outs, grounding, no cell phones or television. Make them listen to the prez for half an hour. That’s much more effective.

What a great idea. With a  library of the One’s speeches, as soon as Johnnie says he’s not taking out the trash, head to the video cabinet. Your son will be mopping  floors, doing his homework and changing the litter box in no time. All thanks to Barack “the Secular Messiah” Obama.

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